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By: Bill O'ReillyJuly 28, 2022
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It is almost beyond belief that "The View" program is being run by ABC News. The Disney Company, which owns ABC, apparently doesn't understand that a "News" presentation has to have news people on it.

The View is staffed by ideological entertainers.

The creator of the show, Barbara Walters, was a journalist. So was an early host, Meredith Viera. But today, the viewpoint ABC News produces is essentially gibberish, with no journalistic standards whatsoever.

This week Joy Behar, a comedian, accused the conservative organization "Turning Point USA" of harboring Nazis. Or something. Lawyers for Turning Point immediately sent Disney a "cease and desist" letter threatening a lawsuit.

So, predictably, an apology was issued by ABC News.

Now, I don't care about The View, and chances are you don't either. It is a complete waste of time. I feel bad for Ms. Walters - she is infirmed and deserves better than this.

As for ABC News, an outfit I worked for when Peter Jennings was there, I can't explain the deterioration. But it's sad.

Hope you saw our special "Defending America." That's journalism, if you need to be reminded.


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