Incoming Political Attacks
By: Bill O'ReillyOctober 27, 2022
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Next week the nation will see some of the most brutal political attacks ever. The latest Herschel Walker allegation from 30 years ago is just the beginning. Brought by far-left activists, the second abortion accusation reminds me of the discredited attacks on Brett Kavanaugh.

But Mr. Walker has led a chaotic social life, so that has to be considered. In this case, due process is still the fair thing to do, however.

I am watching the New Hampshire senate race, which is not getting much attention. The republican candidate Bolduc is surging. The Democrat, Maggie Hassan, is in trouble.

So, expect the left to launch vitriolic attacks up until Election Day. The Dems know they're in trouble.

Over the weekend, we'll be tweeting the election news. Our honest coverage continues. Thanks for checking us out.

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