Ineffective Press Briefings
By: BOR StaffJanuary 19, 2023
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CNN is reporting that many White House correspondents are unhappy with the press briefings held by Karine Jean-Pierre. 
Interesting since her partner just left her CNN correspondent position.
The sources in the report described the briefings as a "waste of time" and were critical of Jean-Pierre's effectiveness.
These news outlets were also critical of the Trump administration's use of their White House press secretaries, and their elimination of the daily press briefings.
The Trump White House was at least honest in that by eliminating their spin-fests, they acknowledged the theater of the event.
The reality is that the corporate media has been so reluctant to hold the Biden administration accountable that the White House has been able to deflect from any inquiries.
The media is responsible for their own doing and their own frustration.