Is America Still a Noble Nation?
By: Bill O'ReillyDecember 12, 2020
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Is America Still a Noble Nation?

There is a dark anger spreading across the land. President Trump and a majority of people who voted for him believe the election was marred by significant fraud and the system is allowing a dishonest vote to stand.   Many Americans are furious and are questioning the nobility of America.

On the other side, many committed leftists never thought the country was noble in the first place.  They have cleverly set up a philosophy that tells people of color and the poor that they are victims of “white oppression” and that President Trump is the racist-in-chief.  That grievance play, fronted by the Marxist Black Lives Matter Global Foundation, peddles hatred - aided and abetted by the corporate media.

So now traditional-minded Americans face two dilemmas. There is little doubt cheating occurred during the election.  Yet, the Supreme Court doesn’t want to hear the allegations because not enough hard evidence has been put forth.  In order to overturn a vote, the nation’s highest court would have to see massive evidence of fraud.  And there is not time to assemble that especially because some states and almost all the national media oppose investigating the election at all.

Therefore, a good portion of the 74 million people who voted for President Trump are fighting mad, some are even considering walking away from their country.

Then there is this question: if you stay, how do you deal with those who want to destroy the fabric of America and support using nefarious means to do so?

In radical left precincts there is utter hatred for conservative and traditional folks.  There is a loathing for many Constitutional rights. Also for religion.  A disrespect for private property and self-reliance.  The radicals want to diminish personal rights and empower a “woke” central government to impose “social justice,” which includes financially punishing the affluent and profitable corporations.

In short, a socialist government in Washington would make almost all the calls about what we can have and what we can do.

That scenario is already on display in California and New York where fanatical leftists are in control.  The result is disaster. Violent crime is rising quickly, quality of life is drastically declining, and punitive taxation to fend off bankruptcy is harming workers and the affluent alike.

The result: millions are leaving those places. Since 2010, close to two million residents have departed New York State with many others packing up.  Millions more would leave if they could.

In California, citizens in Los Angeles face this reality: officials will no longer enforce the law. For example, if a drunk driver hits you in LA, police will not arrive to document the crime. In addition, if you steal less than $900 of merchandise from a store, you will not be prosecuted.  I could site many more examples.

The radicals in New York and California would like to impose their anarchistic system on the rest of the country.  And so, conflict is coming.

I hope it will be peaceful.  You are committing treason if you use violence to impose or even defend a political belief.  The looters and destroyers in the wake of George Floyd’s death are traitors in addition to being common criminals.

Our system is under severe pressure right now.  I believe the good people will prevail, but the fight will be intense.  The patriotic play is to use all legal means to right wrongs and defeat the evil people who threaten our liberties.  If you walk away, the bad guys win.

Saving traditional America can be done.  But if it’s not done correctly, then we become as bad as the destroyers.  America remains a noble nation.  But the struggle to keep that way will be daunting.