Is President Biden Calling the Shots?
By: Bill O'ReillyJanuary 31, 2021
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Is President Biden Calling the Shots?
Although neither man would ever admit it, Presidents Biden and Trump have a major character trait in common: they both need approval in order to function effectively.
And this is crazy but it’s true, both men have sought approval from the same power sources.  They are The New York Times and The Washington Post.
Late in 2019, Mr. Trump asked me if he should cooperate with Bob Woodward, an editor at the Post, who was writing yet another book on him.  The first exercise hammered Trump and I believed the second would also do that.
Bob Woodward is a legendary reporter and a shrewd guy.  He had to deliver an outline to his publisher in order to secure a multi-million dollar contract.  Mr. Woodward could not just say he’d write whatever he learned. No, that kind of uncertainty does not lead to many dollars.  Woodward had to produce a strong point of view, which he did.  Simply put, President Trump doesn’t listen to anyone and is tremendously ill informed.
And that’s what Bob Woodward wrote, because that’s what his primary audience would pay money to read.
I explained the situation to President Trump just as I am explaining it to you.  And then I asked him a simple question:  why would he actually help Woodward trash him again?
The President said he wanted his side of the story to be told.  Which Woodward did.  But only after at least three former Trump cabinet members pounded Trump into pudding for about 150 pages.
I could be wrong, but I think Donald Trump thought he could convince Bob Woodward that his administration was doing a good job. But if you understand that The Washington Post and its rival The New York Times promote an almost exclusively liberal point of view, Donald Trump’s effort was doomed no matter what he said.
Enter President Biden who will gladly cooperate with the Post and Times because he measures his success by their approval. In fact, I believe the two newspapers have more influence on Mr. Biden than any other vehicle in the world.
It was almost shocking to see Joe Biden become a clone of Bernie Sanders during his first week in office.  Casting “unity” completely overboard, Biden signaled he’ll try to destroy the fossil fuel industry, open the nation’s borders to chaotic illegal immigration, and favor “marginalized” groups and individuals over white citizens.
That was even too much, too soon for the New York Times editorial board, which advised Biden to slow down on the Executive Orders so as not to produce a ferocious backlash.
Expect the President to slow down.
It seems incredible that two leftist newspapers could be formulating policy in America but the evidence is there.  The corporate TV news agencies often imitate what the papers do and say.  Biden, of course, knows that.
Throughout his entire political life, Joe Biden has been a “go along to get along” kind of guy; a moderate in Democrat clothing, a backslapper who sought compromise.
But that’s gone, baby, gone.  Now Mr. Biden promotes tax dollars for abortion, is a Climate Change zealot, and believes equality should be diminished for the favoritism of “equity.”
No accident that his voyage to the left wing promised land mirrors the stated beliefs of the Times and Post - which look to be the real captains of the good ship Biden.
If you value American tradition, get ready for some rough seas ahead.