It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
By: Bill O'ReillyJune 19, 2022
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It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

The title of this column is cribbed from a 1963 comedy film starring Spencer Tracy. Big hit. Greed was the subject matter.

In June 2022, folks are also very mad, but not in the insane sense. They are flat-out angry.

The Biden administration's incompetent handling of the economy is hurting just about everyone in the marketplace. Inflation, falling stocks, and bonds eroding real estate values - disaster across the economic board.

I predicted this would happen weeks before the 2020 vote. Joe Biden is not smart enough to lead this country. Simple analysis but true.

Last week, the President granted a rare interview to the press. There was a strict time limit on it. Associated Press reporter Josh Boak had precisely 30 minutes. That's about it for Mr. Biden's attention span.

Boak got little out of the President as his answers were predictable and trite. Despite that, the reporter chose not to challenge, which is now the standard operating procedure for the establishment press. Gone are the days of confronting Trump with a variety of unverified allegations. Now, it's "whatever you say, Mr. Biden." No matter how dopey it is.

Joe Biden told the Associated Press that Covid, Putin, and the Republicans are responsible for America's mess.

Of course, the follow-up question should have been that President Trump had to deal with Covid, Putin, and Republicans, and the economy was stable when he left.

But that kind of question is waaaaayyy too much for the AP.

Mr. Biden also said this: "People are really, really down. They're really down."

He went on to say Covid is largely responsible for the downness.

This kind of malarkey is now a standard issue. However, the "down" description is interesting and wrong at the same time.

What Mr. Biden doesn't accept is that the American people are not "down"; they're furious at Joe Biden.

Counting "shrinkflation," where consumers get less for whatever they buy, the inflation rate is running about 11 percent. And we are all doing the math.

The next number is about 60 percent of Americans believe Biden is doing a terrible job.

That means the Democrats are in deep trouble, and the progressive movement, largely responsible for Biden's horrible policies, is collapsing. Good. These progressives seek to destroy the most successful country in history. There is no compromising with them.

Biden himself will not run again and may even resign for "health reasons." I could be wrong but file my predictions.

In the meantime, soldier on. We, the people, made a huge mistake in 2020, but we're strong enough to recover.

So don't get mad; get even. Let's turn on the incompetents and subversives. We may be down, but we're not out.

No more Joe Bidens.