James Comey Loses Credibility
By: Bill O'ReillyDecember 11, 2018
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Former FBI Chief James Comey getting toasted for failing to remember basic things about the Bureau’s investigation of the Trump campaign. Comey saying under oath to House committee members that he simply can’t recall key aspects of the case.

Comey’s memory loss is by design.  He avoids a perjury charge if he can’t remember because even though that’s likely a lie, you can’t prove the lie.

Even among the hate-Trumpers, James Comey has zero credibility.

Commentators who support President Trump are using the Comey embarrassment to deflect attention away from the payoffs to two women who sought money by exploiting their “association” with Donald Trump years ago.

Some Democrats are salivating over the possibility that the President could be charged with campaign finance illegalities for paying the women off.  So the Trump people are pointing out much more serious allegations such as lying to federal judges to get surveillance warrants - which actually happened.  And Comey is right in the middle of that.

At this point, both sides are going for the jugular and blood will flow, no question.  Tonight on the No Spin News, I will put forth what is likely to happen.  Don’t miss it.

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