Joe Biden, Life in the Slow Lane
By: Bill O'ReillyJune 27, 2021
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Joe Biden, Life in the Slow Lane
As part of reporting on President Biden, we list his “official” White House schedule on the No Spin News every day.  We do this so Americans can understand that old Joe has a very soft day much of the time.  

There are days when the President has just one item on the schedule.  Rarely does he have more than two.  It’s the slow lane for Joe, the bunny slope.

This is not unprecedented.  Back in 1857, the 15th president of the United States was a man named James Buchanan from Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Jimmy did not load up on daily events.  In fact, he almost totally ignored the threatened succession of the south, which was kind of a big deal. President Buchanan did not even put Union forces on alert.  When southern troops attacked Fort Sumter, James might have said: “really?”  Clueless doesn’t even begin to cover it.  Abraham Lincoln inherited a colossal mess in 1861.

So my question is - is Joe Biden the ghost of James Buchanan past?  Is he the reincarnation of Emperor Nero, who fiddled while Rome burned?

The answer to that question is maybe.

 Here’s one vivid example of tactical avoidance.  Mr. Biden’s speech on violent crime last week was bizarre and disturbing.  He didn’t even mention the defund the police movement.  Or no bail laws.  Or drug gangs who are murdering thousands in cities like Chicago and New York.

Apparently, the President doesn’t see those things as drivers of violent crime. Nope, Mr. Biden says he’ll use the full power of the federal government to crack down on “gun dealers who violate the rules.”

That, of course, will do little to stop the murder rampage in America.  And expanding community programs will not help much either.  The only solution to violent crime is to harshly punish the criminals who are hurting and killing people, as history has shown us.

But Joe Biden and his progressive left cadre will not do that because 40 percent of all murders are committed by African-Americans.  Biden will never even acknowledge that stat much less attempt to confront black criminals or any miscreant for that matter.  His “equity” philosophy forbids a realistic, problem-solving agenda and so tens of thousands of people are getting hurt.

Many consider James Buchanan to be the worst president is history.  I do.  He did nothing to confront the heinous slave situation and the growing rebellion below the Mason-Dixon line.  He was MIA as the nation fell apart.

Will Joe Biden descend to the historical depths of Buchanan?

Could happen.