Joe Biden is Lost
By: Bill O'ReillyOctober 25, 2022
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President Biden needs a vacation.  He is now totally out of control when it comes to saying actual words.  The latest is telling the world the USA has lower inflation than most other countries.  That came as a shock to France, Japan, Canada, and many of the EU countries, which are well below the USA inflation rate.

Then Mr. Biden tops that by proclaiming that Congress voted and approved his student loan forgiveness plan.  Uh, no. The President signed an Executive Order on that one - demanding $400 billion tax dollars to make it happen.

Of course, the EO is unconstitutional because only Congress can approve federal spending programs.  So, predictably, a court has blocked the loan forgiveness deal.

Once again, I will tell you that the most powerful man in the world does not understand what he is saying and doing.

And once again, I will remind you that before the 2020 vote, I clearly stated that working Americans would be financially harmed if Biden won.

This is not hard.  Joe Biden is lost and will not be found.  We all need to be protected from him.  

See you this evening for the No Spin News.

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