Kamala's Money
By: Bill O'ReillyFebruary 26, 2023
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Kamala's Money

The Vice President of the United States is a perplexing woman. Just inches from being the most powerful person in the world, she does not seem to understand what the deuce is actually happening in this country. I mean, one slip backwards on the Air Force One steps, and Ms. Kamala is in charge of us all.

In a recent appearance at Bowie State University located in Maryland, the Vice-President again spoke about the dubious U.S. economy, a subject that has always eluded her.

She told students that the Biden administration had done an excellent job lowering heating and electricity bills. Fox Business, not fans of Joe Biden or Kamala Harris, fact-checked the claim, and here's what was found.

Over the past year, the American consumer has paid 12 percent more for electricity and 27 percent more for natural gas. Check your heating bills. Overall under President Biden, the price of fuel is up a whopping 28 percent in 12 months.

Now, is Kamala Harris deceiving the Bowie State students and everyone else on purpose? Impossible to tell. The Biden administration routinely misstates important data, relying on false scenarios to prop up economic failures.

They get away with it because a sympathetic media wants democrats in power.

A few weeks ago, in his State of the Union address, President Biden said that he had cut the deficit by $1.7 trillion dollars. Using verbal sleight of hand, Mr. Biden arrived at that statistic by adding up federal Covid payments, which swelled the deficit by an incredible $3.1 trillion dollars.

So when the Covid giveaways stopped, the deficit naturally fell. Biden takes credit for that, which is so deceitful it's painful.

The truth (sorry to upset Joe's operation with that word) is that neither the President nor Vice President cares a whit about being honest with the folks. It's all propaganda, all the time. In a country that depends on honest government in order to make informed voting decisions, this is now a crisis.

Kamala Harris is just a small part of this massive problem. However, she gleefully goes out and says whatever she's told to say. On the economic acumen front, the woman couldn't run a car wash. But the worst part is - she doesn't care what the truth is.

In that, she's simpatico with her boss.

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