LISTEN: Bill Responds to the NYT Hit Piece on Glenn Beck's Radio Program
By: StaffOctober 23, 2017
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Bill Responds to the NYT Hit Piece on Glenn Beck's Radio Program

Bill made a special appearance with Glenn Beck on The Blaze radio Monday morning to address accusations printed this past weekend in the New York Times. 

Bill's spokesman Mark Fabiani had already issued a statement that reads, in part:  "Once again, The New York Times has maliciously smeared Bill O'Reilly … the Times chose to rely on unsubstantiated allegations, anonymous sources, and incomplete, leaked, or stolen documents." 

On Monday, it was Bill's turn to vigorously defend himself:  "I have been in the broadcast business for 43 years with 12 different companies," he began, "and not one time was there any complaint filed against me.  Nothing, zero!  So I think my track record speaks for itself and people should look at the statement we have posted on and the affidavit from Lis Wiehl.  What I'm trying to get across by coming on with you is two things:  First, I want the story to go away because it's brutalizing my family.  Number two, I'm not going to run and hide because I didn't do anything wrong.  The New York Times wants to take me out of the marketplace, this is the second time they have attacked me.  But they know I am at a disadvantage because I can't comment on any case that has been resolved." 

Beck pointedly asked Bill why he or anyone else would pay $32-million to settle a case, as was alleged in the Times piece.  "The only comment I can make on that issue," Bill replied, "is that the first article in the New York Times quoted figures that were wildly wrong.  But I can't confirm or deny anything because then it goes back into the legal arena and the New York Times knows that.  I can't comment on any specific case at all; if I could I would." 

Bill also answered Beck's question about former Fox News legal analyst Lis Wiehl, who signed a sworn affidavit earlier this year:  "The affidavit from Lis Wiehl is on," Bill reported.  "That's it and I can't speak to anything other than that.  It's very frustrating for me being accused of everything under the sun and being linked with Harvey Weinstein.  This is dishonest in the extreme and it's frustrating, but unless I want another seven or eight years of litigation that puts my children in the 'kill zone,' I have to maintain my discipline.  I can tell you this:  In 20+ years at the Fox News Channel I resolved three things and I only did that to keep my children safe." 

Bill returned to the story in the Times, which neglected to publish Wiehl's affidavit:  "The New York Times should have printed the affidavit up top, but they didn't do that because it would have wrecked their story, which they had already written.  We gave them an unbelievable amount of stuff but they don't care.  This was a hit job to get me out of the marketplace.  Media Matters is involved, CNN is involved, that is beyond any doubt." 

Beck then played audio from Megyn Kelly, who harshly criticized Bill and Fox News on her NBC show Monday morning.  "She didn't file a complaint that I know of," Bill said in response, "and she is not mentioning that there was an anonymous hotline at Fox News for years.  Anyone could have called and said, 'Someone is doing something to me and you'd better stop it.'  Also, I'd like everyone to read the personal notes Megyn Kelly wrote to me.

Glenn Beck did just that, reading excerpts from notes sent to Bill by Megyn Kelly while both worked at Fox News:  Here is some of what she wrote:  "What a class act you are … You have become a dear friend and I am grateful to have you in my life … You are a true friend and mentor."  There was also this from former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson:  "Bill, thank you for being the calm in the sea.  Thank you for being my friend, thank you for supporting me." 

Bill continued:  "Any fair-minded person can start to formulate a picture here.  43 years, 12 companies, no complaints.  And now there is the statement, the affidavit, and these letters.  All I can hope for is that the American people will see that this is an attack on me for political purposes.  It has done enormous damage to me and my family." 

He concluded by explaining why he agreed to settle some cases rather than endure a protracted court battle:  "I thought I could spare my children, I would give up my life for my children, and that's why I did it."

Click here to read letters from Gretchen Carlson and Megyn Kelly. 

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