Lacking Understanding
By: Bill O'ReillyJune 28, 2022
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Much of the mass confusion on important issues facing the country stems from Americans lacking understanding of legal matters. The corrupt media understands this and actively misleads their viewers and readers, knowing facts are the only way to refute propaganda, and collective knowledge in the USA is scant.

Let's personalize this. How many people do you know who believe what they want to believe and will not make any attempt to inform themselves about facts that lead to truth? I bet quite a few.

One vivid example. When the Supreme Court recently struck down New York State's onerous pistol carry law, the progressive fanatics screamed that it would cause more "gun violence."

That moronic analysis is easily refuted. Both New Hampshire and Vermont allow law-abiding citizens the right to carry firearms. No license needed.

New Hampshire has the lowest gun homicide rate in the country, Vermont is second. So, the leftists lose the argument.

But few journalists would dare challenge the progressive view on carry laws. They would be shunned by their bosses and colleagues if they did.

Our country is drifting towards anarchy because foolish theories and irresponsible policies have taken root. Left-wing insanity is rarely challenged in the big cities and in the media.

And we are all paying the price for that.

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