Late-Term Abortion
By: Bill O'ReillyJune 3, 2024
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It was interesting to see First Lady Jill Biden say the upcoming presidential vote is about good and evil and, of course, her husband represents good. Dr. Biden firmly believes that not because she has evidence on the subjective statement, but because she derives personal benefit from believing it.
So allow me to point out a great evil that both Bidens embrace: late-term abortion.
China, Russia, Canada, and Spain support no restrictions on destroying the fetus. In the United States, most places do provide protections after fetal viability. But President Biden opposes any constraints whatsoever.
Evil? I think so. In order to terminate a pregnancy after 24 weeks, the fetus must be dismembered in the womb using sharp instruments. The fetus feels pain. 
The gruesome practice can be justified if the mother's life is in danger or there is catastrophic damage to the fetus itself. 
Absent that, it should NOT be accepted in any moral society.
A few months ago, Sean Hannity asked California Governor Gavin Newsom if he supports any restrictions on abortion. Newsom danced but finally admitted he does not.  Eight states allow abortion at anytime for any reason.
It goes against Christian doctrine to individually judge the Bidens' and Kamala Harris for their aggressive promotion of all abortion procedures. No Bill Clinton pronouncement that abortion should be "rare" for them.
And on the evil front, I can say this: if there is a judgment day, I wouldn't want to be them.
See you this evening for the No Spin News.