Laura Ingraham: Hollywood and Hillary
By: StaffAugust 6, 2013
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By Laura Ingraham

Big news today: according to Quinnipiac, among Republicans and Democrats, Chris Christie is the "hottest politician" in America, narrowly besting Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

But pay no attention to that poll because to the Hollywood and New York set, the former First Lady is still the hottest commodity out there. At least if their production schedule says anything about it. NBC, whose cable network is a 24-hour commercial for the DNC, is planning a four hour miniseries simply titled "Hillary" starring actress Diane Lane as Mrs. Clinton. Conveniently, it only addresses Mrs. Clinton's life from 1998 to present.

So, if I'm guessing, there won't be a lot on Monica or Travel Gate, Vince Foster or the Rose Law firm. CNN by the way is planning its own film, a feature-length documentary that will have a theatrical run in 2014 before it airs on the network in 2015. Anticipating charges of bias, CNN insists that its film unit operates separately from its editorial department. Ok.

And I have not even mentioned the film "Rodham," are you counting these? It's three now. That's produced by the people behind the popular "Twilight Saga." That film focuses on Hillary's early professional years, including her time as a house judiciary committee staffer during Watergate. No word by the way on whether the night of September 11th, 2012 will make the final Hillary cut.

But, I have a question. What GOP candidate is going to get his or her own theatrical release or a multipart miniseries? In the run up to 2016 are we going to see films like Rand and Deliver," or "Marco: from Cuba with Love" or how about a gauzy big screen release "The Bush Dynasty: a Life of Service." Oh, come on.

Today Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus sent letters to CNN and NBC asking them to cancel their projects about Hillary, who we know, is all but certain to run for president.

Priebus is saying that if the programs are not cancelled he is going to recommend that the RNC not partner with NBC News or CNN for the 2016 primary debates. I'm going to say it's about time the RNC does something that the grass roots can cheer. Republicans cannot force the media to be more even-handed. But they also aren't under the obligation to help them elect more Democrats. I wish more people in the GOP leadership realized that most news outlets are run by people who dislike conservatives and want to elect liberals.

And that's "The Memo."

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