Laura Ingraham: Lap dogs not attack dogs
By: StaffMay 6, 2014
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By Laura Ingraham

Every year, the president, the press, and a smattering of Hollywood types they get together and they yak it up at the White House Correspondents' Dinner. They tell jokes, they clink glasses and now, they pose for selfies.

What used to be a one night affair though has turned into three days of nonstop cocktail parties, dinners and brunches. I have attended these dinners, for the most part they are overcrowded, overhyped and now I think they should be over with.

After all, what are they really celebrating at this point? The fact that they have missed or underreported some of the biggest stories of the past 10 years? China is about to overtake our economy, America is in decline, the Benghazi cover-up, the IRS used as a political weapon? That is just to name a few.

Correspondents and the president, whether Republican or Democrat, really shouldn't be buddy-buddy. Reporters should be checking government power. Not cheerleaders for one party or one point of view.

And by the way, I really think President Obama would have really been better off, too, if he had been forced to rise to the challenge of an aggressive press. Instead, he was insulated by his media fan club, the total Obamacare meltdown that is.

Where were all the questions about Obamacare before last fall? Why didn't they push for Sebelius to be replaced early on? And why didn't they demand answers on the foot dragging investigation into Benghazi?

The fact is, for the past six years, most in the press have been in party mode, drunk on its abiding lo for the Obama mass. But now, the country is forced to suffer through the big hangover. And that's "The Memo."

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