Laura Ingraham: The people vs. the establishment
By: StaffSeptember 9, 2013
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By Laura Ingraham

Today at the G-20 in St. Petersburg, President Obama acknowledged the steep hill he has to climb back home for military action in Syria. And his planned address to the nation Tuesday may not do him any good.


OBAMA: It's conceivable that at the end of the day, I don't persuade a majority of the American people that it's the right thing to do. And then each member of Congress is going to have to decide if I think it's the right thing to do for the America's national security and the world's national security, then how do I vote? Ultimately, you listen to your constituents, but you've also got to make some decisions about what you believe is right for America.


INGRAHAM: Now, when the President tried to explain why he went to Congress he instead made a stark confession.


OBAMA: I did not put this before Congress just as a political ploy or a symbolism. I put it before Congress because I could not, honestly claim that the threat posed by Assad's use of chemical weapons on innocent civilians and women and children posed an imminent direct threat to the United States.


INGRAHAM: Bingo. That is one of the main reasons why the American people left, right, and center are so vehemently against blowing one dime in Syria or jeopardizing the lives of our military personnel there.

There is no imminent threat but there are major questions that this administration cannot to this day adequately answer: questions about the identity and motivation of the rebels; questions about how we'd pay for all of this; questions about what our real objectives are and whether they are achievable without major mission creep.

After a week of trying to sell this the administration and its supporters in the GOP establishment have raised more questions than they have answered. This is why with the exception of a coterie of Washington elites left, right and center are united against military action in Syria in this country.

So, will our representatives be guided by the bipartisan demands of the people including most veterans and active duty military who are overwhelmingly opposed? Or, will they continue to follow a path of endless spending on wars to enforce international norms even though the rest of the world strongly opposes such wars?

The time has come for the American people to draw their own red line. The establishment has failed us on many fronts -- a jobless recovery, skyrocketing debt, porous borders; wars in Iraq and in Afghanistan where we paid dearly. Had great men and women fighting but in the end we accomplished very little.

They should stop trying to sell us more wars against nonexistent threats and start doing their jobs in the home front. And I'm telling you if they continue to push unpopular policies, the people will eventually take their power away and send them packing.

Our enemies love to see us become weaker by squandering our resources and overextending our military. This ends up leading to more chaos and more suffering in the end by innocence. A stronger, more prosperous America -- not more establishment wars of choice will lead to a more stable, peaceful world. And that's "The memo."

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