Liberal Across the Board
By: Bill O'ReillyNovember 3, 2022
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CBS News has always had a liberal bent which they kept controlled under Walter Cronkite.  Years later, when I worked there, Dan Rather was the power.  He and his Texas pal Bob Schieffer were both ardent leftists but did practice some discretion in the hard news arena.

Now, the culture at CBS across the board is totally left.  As I wrote yesterday in this space, that doesn't matter as much because the news audience is down, the influence factor is low.

Nevertheless, interesting things do happen.  This week CBS Morning anchor Tony Dokoupil, a proud liberal, confronted Republican Senator Tom Cotton with the leftwing belief that Donald Trump and his supporters directly caused the Pelosi attack because they are so nasty.

Absurd, but that crew believes it.

Cotton shut him down quickly by pointing out that Senator Chuck Schumer publicly said that Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh "wouldn't know what hit him" if he ruled against Schumer's beliefs.

Of course, a man is now in custody after being found with a gun outside Kavanaugh's home.

Will Tony D. learn anything from the smackdown?  Not likely.

See you tonight for the No Spin News as the vote closes in.
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