Liberal Politics at the Oscars
By: Bill O'ReillyFebruary 25, 2019
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Didn’t watch the Oscars last night.  Proud of that.  But I’m glad Green Book won best picture.  It is excellent.

My pal Spike Lee showed up looking like the Captain of the good ship Barney and predictably told everyone to vote against President Trump. 

Hollywood used to be fun, now it’s basically a bunch of ill-informed poseurs virtue signaling.  The old timers like Eastwood and Nicholson have some class but the Alyssa Milano PC crew is brutal.

American films once entertained the world with charismatic stars and brilliant screenplays.  Now we get politically correct superheroes blowing things up.  The rap music thing killed pop.  Liberal politics killed the movies.

But you still have  Tonight an inside look at the upcoming Mueller report and President Trump’s North Korea play.

See you beginning at 7.

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