Listen: Bill & Beck on 'Build Back Better,' the Big Trial, and More
By: BOR StaffNovember 19, 2021
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Bill joined Glenn Beck to explore the week’s biggest stories, beginning with the ‘Build Back Better’ spending extravaganza that passed the House. Bill lamented the fact that Democrats almost unanimously voted for a bill that will ‘change America forever’ if it gets through the Senate. 

The duo moved to the Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial and the fact that the judge banned MSNBC from the proceedings after a network freelancer was accused of following the jury. Bill’s prediction: ‘That’s the end of NBC News, it’s over!’ As for the trial itself, Bill predicted that Judge Bruce Schroeder will somehow ensure that Kyle Rittenhouse walks, even if there is a mistrial. 

The weekly chat ended with Bill declaring his total and eternal disdain for ‘Little Georgie’ Stephanopoulos of ABC, who interviewed Vice President Harris and refused to challenge the so-called ‘border czar’ on the chaotic crisis at the Rio Grande.