Listen: O'Reilly & Beck on Media Malfeasance, the Hapless President, and More
By: BOR StaffOctober 1, 2021
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Bill again joined Glenn Beck to analyze the week’s biggest stories, beginning with the astonishingly corrupt media. Bill declared that he watched one night of cable news and was stunned by the bias. MSNBC and CNN, owned by two of the nation’s most powerful corporations, are actively deceiving the American people. “We have never had,” Bill lamented, “a worse media in the history of this country.” 

The duo also scrutinized President Biden and tried mightily – but unsuccessfully – to come up with one single thing that the president has done to improve the country. Bill again pointed out that the commander-in-chief is being hermetically sealed in the White House. 

Bill concluded by revealing some details about his latest conversation with President Trump. He urged the president to spend massive amounts of money to fight progressives, who obviously want to destroy the American system. Bill’s pithy advice to Republicans: “Fight!”