Listen: O'Reilly and Beck On Joe Biden's Misplaced Priorities, His Weakness, and His Foolishness
By: BOR StaffJuly 16, 2021
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Bill again joins Glenn Beck to discuss and dissect the news of the day. Bill accuses the president of intentionally stoking racial hatred by constantly accusing Republicans of enacting state voting laws that are akin to ‘Jim Crow.’ Meanwhile, the president didn’t take the opportunity to travel to Miami, where thousands of Cuban Americans are protesting against the communism that has wrecked that island.

The duo also talks about the media’s growing war on conservatives like Tucker Carlson and others. People on today’s progressive left actually despise free speech; they are totalitarian and wish to silence their opponents by any means necessary. 

Bill also goes after the America-hating crew behind Critical Race Theory, which is genuinely teaching little children to hate their differently-hued classmates. Bill ends with a telling anecdote that speaks volumes about the deteriorating state of race relations in modern America