Listen: O'Reilly and Beck on Joe Biden's Stunningly Inept and Dull CNN Town Hall ... and Much More
By: BOR StaffJuly 23, 2021
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Bill again joins Glenn Beck to analyze the news of the day. They begin with – no joke! - President Biden’s cliché-ridden town hall. Apparently, most Americans agreed that it was a snoozefest because only about 1.5-million people tuning in to watch on CNN.

The twosome also analyzes anti-free speech Democrats who want to punish anyone who dissents from the conventional wisdom on Covid-19 and the party’s utter obsession with punishing everyone involved with the Capitol riot of January 6th. 

Bill also explains why he is literally insulted by President Biden’s inept and confusing answer to the murders that are infecting American cities. Finally, he predicts that Americans are fed up with the administration’s ineptitude and will ‘rise up’ in the coming year.