Mark Penn Discusses What Happens Now Since Kavanaugh Has Been Confirmed
By: Bill O'ReillyOctober 10, 2018
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On Wednesday's No Spin News, Bill interviews Mark Penn who served as a pollster and adviser to President Clinton from 1995 to 2000 and he is currently the Opinion contributor to The Hill. Penn says that you won't see any further investigations into Kavanaugh, the majority of this is over. Now it's up to the Democratic and Republican bases to see who they can get out to vote during the midterms. The Democrats are cruising into a pretty good showing. However, their takeover of the House and Senate would have been better if Kavanaugh hadn't been confirmed, so, the Republicans might pull through and keep control of Congress. But, keep an eye on the Independents, because they are the swing vote. Also, don't forget to become a Premium Member on so that you don't miss Bill's expert analysis of the day's top news. 

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