Media Blames President Trump for Bomb Threats
By: Bill O'ReillyOctober 24, 2018
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Predictably, CNN and the other committed left press spent an enormous amount of time Thursday blaming President Trump for the bomb thing.
It’s his harsh rhetoric that has directly caused some loon to send bombs to leftist politicians, they wail.  The President divides us, they opine.
So, let’s take an honest look at those charges and begin with the chicken, not the egg.
Donald Trump has been savagely attacked by the liberal media from the day he announced his presidential run.  Operating in conjunction with the Democratic Party, the media has branded him a racist, liar, misogynist, colluder, thief, and that’s just a partial list.
In turn, Mr. Trump has attacked his attackers sometimes using strong words.  He believes the national media is largely corrupt and dishonest.  He makes that point loud and clear, branding them fake news.
He has no choice.
If the President did not strongly condemn his media accusers, their accusations would have far more power.  President Bush the Younger ignored the attacks and it cost him in the court of public opinion.  President Trump’s strategy is to diminish those seeking to destroy him with scorn.  He believes that energizes his supporters and he’s right.
The truth is that both the President and the leftist media are responsible for the political hostility that we have in America.  It’s a war of hostile words on a daily basis.
But the press takes zero responsibility for the poisonous discourse.  It really is a sad joke to see the dishonest media completely reject their huge part in the hate.
Not surprising.  The American media has no interest in fairness or seeking the truth.  The national press is now a weapon to be used to hurt non-liberal people.
Perhaps one of those people made the bombs.  Perhaps not.  All we have is speculation but that’s enough to condemn the President and blame him for the bombs.
Another proud moment for the media.  Or am I wrong?
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