Media Craze Over a Book that Dishes Dirt on Trump
By: Bill O'ReillyJanuary 4, 2018
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The media is crazed over a new book that dishes some dirt about the Trump White House, but I say so what?  As someone who has known the President for 30 years, I’m not surprised by anything he says in his private moments.  Mr. Trump is a stream of consciousness guy, a man who says whatever is on his mind.  Two minutes later, he may change his mind and say something contradictory.  He has no inner editing voice, that I can tell you as an ear witness!
Also, the author of the book, Michael Wolff, is reporting what he was told about the President. He didn’t hear anything himself.  People exaggerate all the time especially if they’re frustrated with someone or something.  Everybody knows that.  But the anti-Trump media doesn’t care, all they want is stuff that makes Donald Trump look bad even if the material is suspect.
Tonight on the No Spin News, I will discuss the situation with Bernie Goldberg.  For now, the book thing is another situation that means little in the ongoing quest to strengthen this country and expose corruption in government.  That is what the media should be doing.
Thanks for checking in with us today.  Enjoy
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