Media Danger
By: Bill O'ReillyAugust 16, 2018
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Media Danger
It was perplexing to read a recent column by my friend Juan Williams where he hammered President Trump for attacking the media as the enemy of the people.
Said Juan: “Trump doesn’t want his followers to trust the press.  By tarnishing news reporters, he is telling his fans to ignore reporting on possible collusion and his possible obstruction of justice.”
While it is true that the President does not want Americans to trust the press, isn’t it also true that he has a good reason for that?  
Any rational person knows that the national media has been supremely hostile to Donald Trump from the very beginning of his political journey.  That is way beyond any doubt.
And on a personal note, why would Juan Williams trust the leftist press after what  members of it did to him?
The year was 2010, Juan was on The O’Reilly Factor and said he became nervous when some Muslims boarded his plane after what occurred on 9/11.  
A few hours later, Juan Williams was fired from his position as a news analyst for the National Public Radio corporation.
After the firing, Juan said this about NPR: “I don’t fit into their box.  I’m not a predictable black liberal.”
Also after Juan’s sacking, Fox News gave him a new contract.  He remains there today.
So Juan Williams should be very conversant on the biased media, and surely he has seen the statistics that show more than 90 percent of nightly network news coverage is against Donald Trump.  It would be impossible for Juan Williams not to know that.
Therefore, Juan’s outrage over the President’s anti-media screeds, doesn’t quite stack.  
What is Mr. Trump supposed to do?  Not fight back against a media that actively seeks to destroy him?  
Juan fought back with words against the same liberal media, did he not?
Of course, Donald Trump goes to extremes at times with personal invective and overstatements.  That is certainly true.  But it is him against the media hordes, so he apparently believes that scorched earth rhetoric is needed to protect himself.
The real danger for the country is largely being overlooked in all this.  
The culture of truth so important for the press and elected officials to embrace has been obliterated by ideology.  No longer is the goal to find out what really happened. Now, politics and journalism is a series of battles designed to destroy the other side.  The truth be damned.
Juan Williams was hurt by a left wing news operation that has no tolerance for dissenting opinion from its employees.  He might incorporate his experience into his current analysis of why President Trump is disparaging the media.
Just some friendly advice from a fellow journalist who does want the truth to be told.
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