Media Witch Hunt; More Campus Madness
By: Bill O'ReillyJuly 17, 2017
Here's the question of the day: can the hate Trump media get another week out of burning Trump, Jr. at the rhetorical stake?  Can the press get away with more hysteria on this?

Hope not.

Actually, there is a largely unreported story that you should know about.  You may remember back in 2015 there were a series of racial accusations at the University of Missouri.  At one point, some football players refused to take the field citing allegations of bias on campus.

Demonstrators bolted out of the dorms and the spectacle was on.  A Miz U. teacher even threatened a photographer leading to thousands of instant replays on TV.

The teacher was eventually dismissed.  She has now landed a job at Gonzaga U. in Spokane, Washington.

Anyway, the result of all this is a much lower enrollment at the University of Missouri.  Black students are concerned about the alleged bias, others about campus chaos.

The lesson here is that discipline must be brought to all allegations that affect institutions.  You must have a fair process in place to get the truth.  If allegations are automatically convictions, the institution involved cannot properly function.  If allegations are ignored, anarchy and vigilantism will follow.

The University of Missouri, once a proud school, is under siege.  It will take strong and smart leadership to turn it around.
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