Mi Casa, Su Casa
By: Bill O'ReillyJuly 18, 2021
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Mi Casa, Su Casa
President Biden seems to be a “welcoming” kind of guy.  Especially to folks who want to live in the United States without legal credentials.  While President Obama deported tens of thousands of foreign nationals, and President Trump shut down many immigration scams, Joe Biden has thrown the southern border wide open:  hola, amigos!

Let's examine some facts that rolled in a few days ago.  The Customs and Border Protection Agency reports 1.1 million “apprehensions” in the first nine months of the federal government’s fiscal year. According to The Washington Post, which is somewhat shockingly covering the story, the last time a million migrants were detained was in 2006, and that was for the ENTIRE year.  Under Biden, apprehensions could reach 1.5 million this fiscal year, which would be a record number by far.

The acting commissioner of border protection, Troy Miller, told the Post: “We are in the hottest part of the summer and we are seeing a high number of distress calls from migrants abandoned in treacherous country by smugglers with no regard for human life.”

Of course, American agents rescue migrants even if they are in Mexico.  They are treated by US medical personnel, as they should be.  You don’t let human beings die.

However, they shouldn’t be in jeopardy in the first place.  But they are because President Biden dismantled the Trump “remain in Mexico” policy, effectively opening the border to anyone who desired asylum, as tens of millions all over the world do.  That enormous mistake has provided incentive to the poor and aggrieved to make the dangerous trek north.

Now, poor people are dying every day. And thousands of others are being horribly assaulted in lawless Mexico.  And what does Biden say?  Nothing.  Does he even understand what’s happening? 

Vice President Harris was put in charge of this humanitarian disaster, so what does she say?  “Don’t come.”  That’s what she said knowing full well her boss has wrecked border security.

What does Speaker Pelosi say?  Nothing. How about the lapdog White House press corps?  Are they peppering Jen Psaki with border questions?  No, they are not.

What a disgrace across the board.  What a colossal dereliction of duty by President Biden.  It’s almost impossible to believe that any president would eliminate a border strategy that was working simply because far left kooks demanded it.

Biden is directly responsible for this horrible situation, just as he’ll be directly responsible for the painful economy which is coming soon to your house.

The truth is this guy in the White House is brutal. Just like the border policy he imposed and now ignores.  Please pray for the suffering migrants.