Most Americans Don't Like their Presidential Candidates
By: Bill O'ReillyMay 23, 2016
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Most Americans don't like their presidential candidates. That is the subject of this evening's Talking Points Memo.

Since 1984 there has never been more negativity about folks running for president than there is today. According to a new Washington Post/ABC news poll both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have a 57% rating in the unfavorable category.

In a CBS News poll, Trump is at 55% unfavorable. Secretary Clinton has 52%

In a Wall Street Journal - NBC poll 58% don't like Trump & 54% are negative about Hillary.

The question then becomes can these candidates overcome those negatives? 

Talking Points believes that many American voters will stay home this time around even though the campaign will be very intense. 

Right now Donald Trump has improved his polling because more than 80% of Republicans many of whom did not support him before are now on board with Mr. Trump. That support is driven in part by a loathing for Hillary Clinton.

On the other side, the number is also more than 80% of Democrats supporting the secretary.  That's fairly predictable Mrs. Clinton is a liberal woman who will carry on many of President Obama's policies.

But independent voters will decide who becomes the next president, and this is where both candidates have a problem.

In Donald Trump's case, he would be wise to continue his self-described straight talk but shift the adjectives. His base is firm. Trump supporters love him. He doesn't need to be demeaning in his speech unless it's an egregious situation.Mr. Trump's use of verbal shock and awe will only help him further if voters believe the insults are in context and not designed simply to shock.

Also, the more specific Donald Trump is on policy, the more votes he will get. In just a few moments I will ask Mr. Trump very pointed questions about terrorism and the transgendered situation.

As for Hillary Clinton, she needs to stop her calculated posture. There is no reason that Mrs. Clinton should not debate Bernie Sanders on the Fox News Channel. As we said last week - although she has the nomination locked up, she will reach millions of independent voters in that debate and she'll need them in the general election.Also, Mrs. Clinton should answer questions from people like me - not just from sympathetic journalists.

Summing up - independent Americans have the power this time around. 

And both candidates should realize that.

And that's the memo.

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