Mueller/Russia Investigation Update
By: Bill O'ReillyAugust 3, 2017
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The announcement that Special Investigator Robert Mueller has empaneled a Grand Jury in the Russia-election investigation came too late to be included in the No Spin News tonight but here's my take.

The anti/Trump media will run wild with speculation trying to spin the situation into a "guilty" verdict.

But the truth is Mr. Mueller is simply using the Justice system to compile information under oath.  It is a felony to lie to a Grand Jury.  

In this way, the record will show any evidence that may be available including direct testimony.  It makes the process more manageable and, hopefully, stops the irresponsible leaking.  It is also a felony to leak Grand Jury testimony.

President Trump says he is totally innocent of any collusion with Russia regarding the election or anything else.  He is entitled to the presumption of innocence.  Of course, the dishonest press does not give him that - actively subverting the fairness the Founding Fathers built into our system.

President Trump should embrace fact-finding.  If he did not do anything wrong, that is a headline he needs. Grand Jury members are regular folks, not crazed ideologues swinging nooses.

Much on the line here.  I am optimistic the truth will come out.

I will have more commentary tomorrow.