National Media Ratings Drop
By: Bill O'ReillyJuly 12, 2018
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Ratings for both CNN and MSNBC have been awful this week even though there are two major stories:  the Supreme Court and President Trump’s European adventure 

The reason the hate-Trump networks are losing viewers is that in a time where information is vital, they put Trump-bashing above reporting.  Because of that, folks can’t trust anything they say.

Fox News is also losing viewers but not nearly as many.  That’s because their hard news reporters generally play it straight and there is a consistent information flow on most programs.

It concerns me greatly that millions of Americans cannot get solid information from the press.  Instead, they are routinely insulted and deceived by ideology masquerading as news.

I’ve said it before, in more than 20 years working for FNC, I was never told what to say or what guests to put on the Factor.  Never.

Tonight on the No Spin News, we’ll analyze this question: is insulting some of our allies good policy?  As always, we’ll have a great guest and honest information.

See you beginning at 7 eastern time.

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