No Quality Control
By: Bill O'ReillyNovember 29, 2022
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The piling on is accelerating just as we knew it would.  Donald Trump is an anti-Semite for dining with the dim twins, Kanye West, and Nick Fuentes.  The corporate media can't get enough of this story which was delivered right to their door by Mr. Trump.
There is irony galore as President Trump was a big time friend to Israel but, in a swirl of shrimp cocktail, that historical record has vanished. 
Apparently, there is no one at his Palm Beach compound practicing quality control - vetting who gets into the proximity of a former president.  This would have to be the case.
If Kanye West is in charge of supper - that is not a good thing.
It looks to me that President Trump is now distracted in the extreme.  That, of course, will hurt any future ambitions he might have.
I mean you absolutely can't dine with Heinrich Himmler and Louis Farrakhan, mirrors of Fuentes and West, if you're a former president.
It is indisputable that President Biden is befuddled most of the daylight hours.  Is it possible Mr. Trump is trying to catch up?
See you this evening for the No Spin News.