No Spin Interview with Leon Panetta
By: BOR StaffMarch 16, 2017
With conflict all over the world and an increasing U.S. presence in the Middle East, The Factor welcomed former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. "The administration is talking about adding more troops in Syria," he began, "and the reality is that if we are going to defeat ISIS, we have to provide support for the Iraqis. We have to move ISIS out of the area and we have to get rid of the caliphate. Secretary of State Mattis is a tough guy and a smart guy and he's making the right recommendations." Panetta turned to North Korea, which continues to act with belligerence. "We are taking the right steps right now, we are deploying missiles to South Korea to protect against the increased threat of an attack from North Korea. This leader is unstable and that could result in provocation and war." 

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