No Such Thing as Not Guilty
By: Bill O'ReillyMay 13, 2019
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No Such Thing as Not Guilty
In criminal proceedings, if an American is found not guilty of a crime, then charges cannot be brought again.  That’s called “Double Jeopardy” and it is not permitted under our legal system.
If a prosecutor investigating a criminal allegation does not bring formal charges for whatever reason, the subject of the allegations must be considered innocent under the law.  In fact, ethics dictates that investigators go out of their way to protect uncharged citizens so they will not be tainted in any way.
But now the Congress of the United States along with the press are rejecting so called “due process,” undermining one of the pillars of the U.S. Constitution.
It began on social media when extremists put forth that “all women” must be believed when lodging allegations against men.  Never mind that there is a lucrative industry set up to bring lawsuits claiming abuse and many of these cases have been found to be bogus.  Nearly every corporation in America has insurance in order to fend off lawsuits demanding money for “misbehavior.”
Then came the horrendous Brett Kavanaugh hearings when sitting United States Senators like Kamala Harris and Cory Booker along with veterans like Dianne Feinstein tried to convict the judge of terrible crimes based solely upon accusation.  Later, the FBI found absolutely no evidence against Brett Kavanaugh, but the senators who smeared him refused to apologize.
Some of Kavanaugh’s defenders used the words “witch hunt” based upon the 17th century executions of alleged “witches” in Salem, Massachusetts.  19 human beings were put to death in the Salem hysteria and the current senator from that state, Elizabeth Warren, would have been very comfortable with the proceedings based upon her lack of support for due process.
The situation is actually dire on many college campuses across the country.  There, panels of administrators hold “hearings” on alleged misbehavior that can ruin a student’s life.  Radical leftists are usually the ones supporting these tribunals.
But the absolute worst is the American media which makes celebrities out of people like Stormy Daniels.  Headlines scream about lurid occurrences regardless of validity.  Again, this kind of irresponsibility almost destroyed the entire Kavanaugh family.
Think the media was remorseful?
Finally, even though the Mueller Report found no crime on the part of the President, the media and many Democrats stand by their conviction of him.  He colluded, he obstructed.  Like the Salem judges, we know what happened, we don’t need “evidence.”
So file the nation’s abandonment of due process under “social justice.”
Or lack thereof.