OPEN TO ALL - O'Reilly's Special Saturday Commentary on the Syria Bombing, the Michael Cohen Raid, and the Dishonest Media Charlatans
By: Bill O'ReillyApril 14, 2018
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Hey Premium Members, welcome to a special commentary for the No Spin News. This is not only open to Premium Members but everybody, very important day April 14th, 2018 on a Saturday.

Now, I am doing this because clarity is needed right now in America and you're not getting it from the news industry, at least I'm not getting it. Now maybe you may disagree, if you do write me a letter but there is so much bull and so much lying going on that it's painful to even watch or read, watch TV news or read the newspaper. 

So, let's start with the Syria bombing. The motivation for Great Britain, France and the United States to use their air power to downgrade Assad's capability to use chemical weapons is to send a message to the other rogue states that in this, on this earth we cannot permit, we the Western powers, we cannot permit chemical weapons or nuclear weapons and we just can't permit them to be used. Now, there are a number of people who doubt that Assad the dictator of Syria, is using chlorine and the other chemical weapons. I have to tell you I've looked at every report I could possibly see, there is no one else on the planet that has the delivery system to place chlorine gas in a suburb of Damascus, no one, it's either Assad or nobody. Now, he's got a history all the intelligence agencies agree that he's doing it. All right. Macon of France and Theresa May of Great Britain never in a million years would have signed on with Donald Trump to bomb Syria had their intelligence services, not said it's Assad. So, the American intelligence services say it is really say it. Great Britain says it France has a where is Germany by the way, is Germany not a power anymore? They sit out everything, where were they? They should be right with us. So, the bombing to downgrade the chemical situation was lawful and legitimate.

Now, whether we should do it or participate you can debate that all day long. But if we're not going to send messages throughout the world that chemical weapons are unacceptable if we the United States are not going to do that. Who's going to do it? So, then you're going to have every tinhorn Decatur having chemical weapons because they're not hard to develop. That's what led to the Iraq war that everybody thought Saddam Hussein had this big cache of chemical and biological weapons, it's turned out to be false by the way. And the intelligence agencies turned out to be wrong, I'll see that. But now we have a number of attacks in Syria. All right. A number of attacks on the ground the medical people say this baby died from chlorine ingestion. All right, the doctors aren't lying, so it's who's putting the chlorine in. Who's putting the chemical weapons in as nobody else has a delivery system to do it. It's not like Syria is a place where you can just drive around with big trucks full of chemical weapons and dump them. You know the military controls Syria. So, if you know anything about this there isn't any doubt that Assad is the villain and he's protected by Putin in Russia and Iran. 

So, he feels he can get away with it, see he would love, Assad would love to have America and Russia slug it out. Assad would love that so that's one of the reasons that he continues to do this to try to get a bigger conflict going. Assad is a real evil SOB. Now, you turn on the television and you hear the dishonest charlatans say oh this is wag the dog. That means the movie, Wag the Dog, all right, Dustin Hoffman was in it. And it's about a president who gets in trouble and then creates falsifies a military conflict, to get people's minds off the trouble that he has.

So, immediately these charlatans go out on cable television, network television, oh it's Wag the Dog. So, I'm saying to myself to believe that you would have to believe that Macron of France and May of Great Britain are colluding with Trump to save him from the Mueller investigation, they're all in it together. The big, big drive to save Donald Trump's butt. Who on earth would believe that? Who? It's so moronic, so stupid, so insulting to anyone's intelligence, yet there they are being paid millions of dollars sitting there by major corporations spouting this gibberish and I'm just sitting there going how much are people going to take? And you know what, there's an audience for it, there's an audience for, you would think that these people who are bereft of honesty who all day long, their agenda is to destroy people with whom they disagree including Donald Trump. You would think that people, everybody would say you know what enough I'm going to waste my time watching that. I'm not going to waste my time reading that newspaper. I know everything in that newspaper is already a foregone conclusion. And I told you last week the journalistic industry no longer is searching for the truth, they don't care from the top down. A narrative is put forth to all the journalists who work in the company, and they know that their editors, producers whatever it may be, want to get Trump or in some cases want to protect Trump, then rank and file know that. So, when they're given an assignment, it's implied, this is what we're looking for.

I mean, I can, believe me, what I'm telling you is the absolute truth. It's not, they don't call them at the office, and say hey, listen Freddie, I want you to do a story that says boom boom boom boom boom. They don't do that. They say here's your assignment, the assignment is that this anonymous source says something bad about Trump all right. So, you find out, and the person it's not ever, ever, if you read my column this anonymous source says something good about Trump never that, never.

So, the people reporting know what is expected of them if they want to keep their job and get good assignments. Same thing on cable TV, the pundits know what their role is, what they're expected to say, if they don't say it, they're not going to be on. That was one of the, one of the brilliant things about the Factor, I never required anybody to say anything. So, say what you want just back it up or I'm going to make you look foolish, if can't back it up you're going to look you're going to look like a dope. That's all. We never had, well we want you to say this and then you play that part. No, but that's what's going on. So, these people they go on television oh it's Wag the Dog, So, there wasn't anything necessary to do in Syria, it is just Trump wanted to do it to get away from the Mueller investigation and, and Macron and Theresa May, they're helping the what kind of a moron. I mean really a 6-year-old wouldn't say that, if they if you gave them the facts they would go, no that doesn't really sound right, but these people are paid millions of dollars to spit this stuff out every night. It's unbelievable, and they and people watch all right. 

So, summing up the message was to the world you can't use chemical weapons to kill anybody, much less women and children and if you do the major Western powers are going to hurt you. All right. I don't object to that message, I do not, even though I know the history of Iraq and how we got involved in something that we should not have gotten involved with based upon wrong information and whatever, I will see that but each situation has to be taken on its own merits. OK. 

The other big story I want to tell you about on this Saturday afternoon, and by the way finally here in the Northeast it's 70 degrees in the middle of April, finally! But tomorrow it is supposed to drop 40 degrees. But anyway, we're all out and having a good time today. 

The second story is Michael Cohen. Now, this is an interesting story that everybody should keep their eyes on Michael Cohen is Donald Trump's personal lawyer and he handles a lot of things for the President way before Donald Trump even got into politics. All right. I have a personal lawyer, maybe you do as well. But certainly, if you are a person in the public eye, you have to have them, you have to have attorneys because you can be attacked that any moment as I have been. All right. As Trump was consistently. So Michael Cohen now is in the storm of Robert Mueller the special prosecutor and his office is raided by the FBI from a referral from Mr. Mueller. So, Michael Cohen did something that a judge saw that's wrong or allegedly wrong and the judge signed a warrant and then they come in. As soon as the raid happened leaks started to come out, now remember I wrote a column about this is very important you read this column. Now, when Ken Starr was investigating Bill Clinton they were very few leaks more every single day, leaks, leaks, leaks, leaks, leaks. So, one of the leaks goes to the McClatchy news service. OK. And McClatchy prints anonymous source that Mueller has information that Michael Cohen did go to Prague a few months before the election and met with Russians. If that's true, that is a game changer.

Now, Michael Cohen came out today, that's false, I never went to Prague at that, when that meeting was supposed to have taken place with the Russians, I was in Los Angeles watching my son play baseball. That's what Michael Cohen says. OK. I'm reading this story, I know McClatchy couldn't verify what was leaked to it, the possible Russians aren't verifying any meeting there. Russians are saying we're no meeting there wasn't a meeting in Prague, I didn't meet with them and the counselor, all right is adamant, Cohen said I wasn't there, I've never been to Prague. So, I'm reading this story and I'm going it is pretty simple, if this story is bogus, if it's a lie, then McClatchy has to turn over its source, has to say we got lied to by this person, here's who leaked it, because if a source lies to a news agency there is no confidentiality anymore. So, McClatchy has to say it came from here. Now it had to come from either Mueller, the FBI or the U.S. attorney in Manhattan. The only place, three places it could have come from the leak to McClatchy, three. 

I'm also advancing the story and here's the kicker, I don't know if Michael Cohen is telling the truth, I don't. And if he's lying if he did go to Prague and he met with Russians a few months before the presidential election, it's over for the Trump administration. It's over but if it's a lie, then we have to start, we the American people demanding that these news agencies using anonymous sources pony up who their sources are, and here's the kicker. I've been to Europe many, many times but I've never been to Prague, so don't tell me. I met with some Russian there because I've never been to Prague, I've been to Vienna than to Budapest but not to Prague. When a person travels to Europe, any person. All right, by plane, and that's how Cohen would have had to have gotten there. Whether it's commercial airliner or a private plane, there is a manifest of all passengers flying into whatever country you fly into. That manifest is given to Interpol, so if Cohen took a private jet, and he lands anywhere near McClatchey, said he entered into the Czech Republic from Germany. All right. Whatever German city he landed in, got a car drove to Prague, that city has a manifest that Cohen landed in a private plane here because authorities have to check that and if a private plane doesn't put the manifest on it, they lose their license to go anywhere. If he flew commercial, Delta or anything like that again it's there, Interpol has it in their computer system, has it. Every person who checks into a hotel in Europe, any country Interpol knows that night who is where in any hotel in Europe. And that's the antiterrorist stuff and it goes into a giant computer. So if they're looking for Bill O'Reilly and I'm in Dublin they know where I am, what hotel I'm in and how I got to Ireland, what flight I took.

So, if Mueller suspects that Michael Cohen did indeed go to Prague to meet with Russians all he has to do is go to the FBI and say you go to Interpol get the manifests and see if Cohen was on the continent, it has to be there, has to be there. So, it doesn't it doesn't stack. There are ways to find now if Michael Cohen went to Prague and believe me when I tell you with all of this stuff going on now with bombing Syria and Trump threatening Putin and all of that. You don't think Putin is going to leak that out? You don't think Putin is going to put that out if there was a meeting between Trump's personal attorney and one of Putin's flunkies. Putin would put it out like that, create mass chaos in the United States so it doesn't stack, it's not stacking. 

So, this is why you listen to this broadcast, listen to me why you're Premium Members, and if you're not because this is open everybody I hope you sign up. Because we are tired of the B.S. from the media, you're being conned when you turn on that channel whatever channel it may be, some are better than others but most of them are just dismal. Newspapers, forget it, forget it. They couldn't care less about what's true, let's get Trump out of there. 90 percent of the newspapers get him out get him out, they'll print anything. 

Now, McClatchey I'm watching you man, if you don't back this up, if you can't produce proof for somebody else that what you say is true, Cohen was in Prague from your secret source. You have to tell us who that source was or go out of business. Fold it up. So, it will be interesting to see how this unfolds. 

On Monday, Ralph Peters, Colonel Ralph Peters is going to be here. All right. And Joe DiGenova who's calling for Mueller to quit or be fired. He's going to be here, the lawyer who is backing Donald Trump and the two big time guests. Last week we both broke a big story about Lanny Davis handing over something the inspector general, and McCabe is done now. Andrew McCabe, the deputy director of the FBI for all those years under Comey, finished he is a liar. That's it. He's done. Comey, they're zeroing in on him because that IG's report was just about McCabe. Still to come is the Justice Department Inspector General's report on Hillary Clinton email investigation and the Mueller, Russian collusion probe. That's still to come. So McCabe is gone and how that reflects on Comey. You know, you make the call next week it's all about Comey. You're going to see a serious story received, it's going to be Comey, Comey, Comey. Come says this, blah blah blah. And if President Trump were smart he would just shut up okay, let Comey say whatever he wants to say. All right. Half the country thinks he's a charlatan anyway, it doesn't really matter, does it? No. It doesn't. What matters is the IG's report, and if Mueller is being square. If Mueller, Mueller's team is leaking like crazy that bothers me I can't tell you how much it bothers me. Leak, leak, leak, leak! Why? You got it? Let's see it. You don't need to leak. All right. So that's it, that's our special analysis for Saturday, we'll keep it on Sunday. 

We'll have our newscast and No Spin News on Monday. I hope you find us worth, if you're not a Premium Member, I hope you sign up, you sign up because we're living in a time where you need to get the truth. We all need the truth. You'll get it here. I'm Bill O'Reilly, we'll see you Monday night.

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