O'Reilly & Glenn Beck Discuss Judge Ruling in Favor of CNN, Migrant Caravan & More
By: BOR.com StaffNovember 16, 2018
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Welcome back to Friday’s with Bill and Beck. Today a major ruling came down in favor of CNN. A federal judge on Friday ordered the White House to restore CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s press badge, which had been revoked earlier this month after a contentious exchange at a news conference with President Donald Trump. U.S. District Court Judge Timothy Kelly, a Trump appointee, said the White House had violated Acosta’s Fifth Amendment right to due process by suspending his press badge without explanation or a chance for CNN to appeal the decision.


Now, what President Trump needs to do is to make rules for reporters at press briefings, distribute them, so that if anyone does get out of line in the future, Trump will be able to take away his or her White House press badge.


On Friday, Bill wrote an Op-Ed on the Trump Media War. It explains how there will not be any unity in this country while President Trump is holding the office because neither the media nor Trump will back down. However, Bill says that this divide is nothing new. He has a letter from President Truman that excoriates the media by saying they were unfair to Lincoln, George Washington as well as other presidents. So, the division isn’t new, but what is are the machines, the tweets, social media, the hysteria on cable news, etc. So, all of this combined has made us a more disagreeable population.


Beck asks the question; shouldn’t CNN try to rein in its chief White House correspondent from disrupting a national press conference. Bill says that CNN wants the disruption because it’s the only way they’re going to get in the news. CNN’s ratings are horrible, and their business model is to destroy the Trump presidency.


Beck brings up the fact that FOX News supported CNN and Jim Acosta over the past few weeks, but why would they do that? Bill believes a number of factors were involved, the main one being regime change. They want to become more mainstream, not liberal, but mainstream.


The last topic is the migrant caravan that is getting closer and closer to the U.S. border. Bill says that all of the reporting on this situation has been a giant lie. What has happened is that the organization Pueblos sin Fronteras received a grant between 10 and 20 Million dollars, organized these people in Honduras and El Salvador to come to the U.S. Their goal is to break the asylum system in America. That’s why there are record numbers of families coming across the border. The migrants are being told that if you get to the U.S. with your children you’ll get in, and that’s largely true as there is a 3-year backlog to hear asylum cases. The overall strategy is to break the system apart.

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