O'Reilly Analyzes the Kavanaugh Vote: "Murkowski is Finished"
By: BOR.com StaffOctober 5, 2018
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Bill O'Reilly Analyzes Kavanaugh Vote: "Murkowski is Finished"

Bill joined the Glenn Beck radio program Friday morning as the procedural vote to advance Judge Kavanaugh came down.

Prior to the vote, Bill opined that it would be very hard for any Republican to vote against him. The crew also discussed The Wall Street Journal report that Leland Keyser felt pressured to change her testimony by Ford’s people. That is huge and largely being unreported in the media.

If anybody lied - Ford or Kavanaugh – they should be held to account.

While waiting for the vote, Bill talked killing the SS, out this Tuesday October 9.

Killing the SS is a book about evil - and we are seeing evil in America today. But many Americans simply don’t understand it. Many turn away from it completely. Violence in Chicago, clerics committing horrible acts, the list goes on. The people who committed the evil during WWII were normal people before the war. And they went on to do the most horrible things history has ever seen. How did that happen? The book will shock you.

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When the vote came down, Bill was shocked by Murkowski’s no vote and predicted she will be thrown out by the people of Alaska.

Word of the Day: pariah.



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