O'Reilly Editorial: It's Over - Open up the Country Now
By: Bill O'ReillyMay 20, 2020
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O'Reilly Editorial: It's Over - Open up the Country Now

The United States of America has to open for business - now. 

This pandemic is a war, and in order to fight a war, we must have a strong economy in motion. By opening the economy, and I mean everywhere - New York City, Los Angeles, everywhere – we are going to take casualties, people are going to hurt. There's no way you can avoid that. I am not insensitive to casualties, but the greater good is served by re-opening the nation now. 

Here's how you do it. 

The governors of all states have to tell businesses they can open with logical regulations they must follow. 

Then you have to encourage senior citizens, those over 65, not to go out. It's safer if you're an older American to stay inside. I'm not saying you can't go get some fresh air, you can. But it's better if you don't go to the restaurant for a little while. If you can get somebody to go to the grocery store for you, it's better for you.

There is no data that says when you open the economy in populated states, you get an immediate spike in the disease. That data does not exist and that's a good thing. 

Now, if Vegas opens up and you see a big spike, that will be page one, and that might happen. If it does, then the governor of Nevada will have to shut it down.

Disney World and Disneyland are getting ready to open, and on top of the exorbitant entry fee, you will now have to sign a waiver that says you are not going to sue if you think you got COVID from Cinderella. Don’t sign the paper, can’t come in.

The house of mouse knows that the bloodsucking lawyers are lined up to sue them if anybody who visits Disney gets COVID. Pelosi and Schumer know it too, but they don't want a federal law limiting litigation, because these lawyers give the Democratic Party hundreds of millions of dollars. 

How corrupt this is? I mean, it's just beyond belief corrupt. Again, this never gets reported. 

Now, why is the press rooting against re-opening? Everybody knows it's because of Donald Trump, but not everybody will acknowledge that. 

These media people who earn lavish salaries, what do they care? When there's somebody out in Missouri who owns a hair salon and isn't making any money - what do they care? They don't care about the folks. They couldn't care less. Their ideology dictates. 

And why would Donald Trump would come out and say, ‘hey, I'm taking that controversial drug, hydroxychloroquine’? 

If you read 'The United States of Trump,' you know he's a provocateur, word of the day. But why would he take time out from trying to convince the nation to re-open? Why go down a diversionary path? I don't think that's good. I would not have done that had I been president. I would do what I just spelled out in this editorial. 

President Trump should be very clear to the American people: This is a war. You want to win a war? You can't destroy your country – that is how you lose a war.

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