O'Reilly Goes In-Depth, Breaks Down Comey's Testimony
By: Bill O'ReillyJune 8, 2017
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Dennis Miller's appearance on the podcast has been postponed until Monday, June 12th. 

Thursday's No Spin News focused on the much-hyped testimony of former FBI boss James Comey, who was questioned by members of the Senate Intelligence Committee. 

The biggest news of the day, Bill declared, is that "Comey himself is now in huge trouble."  That's because James Comey admitted that he leaked details of a conversation he had with President Trump to the New York Times.  The former FBI boss gave the memo to a friend who then leaked it to the New York Times, a paper that is consistently and virulently hostile to President Trump.  "When I heard that I was stunned," Bill said, "but the senators didn't follow through.  You're going to now see an investigation into this and Comey is in trouble!  I don't think he understood what he was saying or how much grief this will bring him." 

In addition, Comey told the panel that he was befuddled when he was fired because President Trump had told him he was doing a very good job.  Bill dissected that from first-hand experience:  "Trump says that about everybody.  I've known the man for 30 years and he must have told me 1,000 times how good I was on TV.  Then I criticized him and he told me I should see a psychiatrist." 

Regarding the allegation that President Trump pressured Director Comey to halt his investigation into General Michael Flynn, Comey stopped far short of claiming there was any obstruction of justice.  "The record shows," Bill stated, "that Trump used the words, 'I hope you can put this matter to rest.'  It wasn't an order to dump the investigation."  Comey also denounced the president for claiming that the FBI was chaotic and he confirmed Trump's contention that Comey repeatedly assured the president he was not under investigation. 

Bill praised Republican Senator Marco Rubio for directly asking James Comey whether President Trump actually wanted information about the Russian investigation.  Based on Comey's response, the president apparently wanted it known if any of his staff did anything unethical or illegal.  "That helps President Trump," Bill declared, "and it crushed CNN and MSNBC because the supposed 'coverup' disappears."  On the other side of the aisle, Democratic Senator Ron Wyden, who seems to despise the president, told Comey that his firing was "an abuse of presidential power." 

Bill's wrapup:  "Trump didn't get hurt today.  There were some things we already knew that are not good for him, but there was no revelation that could bump him into the danger zone.  I don't think Trump trusted Comey at all, and now we know that his distrust was well-placed.  Trump comes out of this solid even though he made some mistakes.  At this point there is no evidence that President Trump tried to interfere with the Russian investigation or did anything illegal.  If he's smart, this story ends this week, even though the hate-Trump media will spin it to damage him." 

With a few minutes remaining, Bill answered some letters from Premium Members.  One dealt with the fact that the Obama administration deported hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants.  Bill's clarification: "Most of the deportations were not roundups here in the United States, they were people caught at the border and then returned."  Bill also analyzed President Trump's approval ratings, which vary widely depending on the polling outfit:  "I think Donald Trump's approval rating is about 40%, but if he gets health care passed and a tax cut passed, it will go up to the 50s."  Bill also told a curious viewer that his favorite saint is Saint Anne, the mother of Mary and grandmother of Jesus.  Then, on a more secular and less saintly note, he revealed that he purchases his snazzy shirts from the High Bar Shirt Company at www.HighBarShirt.com

A couple of closing notes:  First, the above recap doesn't really do justice to Bill's in-depth analysis of Thursday's hearings, so we encourage you to watch the entire No Spin News video.  Second, if you weren't checking your Twitter feed today, Bill was sending out live tweets throughout the hearing and you can read all of them here on BillOReilly.com.

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