O'Reilly and Hannity: A Crucial Moment for President Trump; Corruption in the Biden Campaign
By: BOR StaffOctober 14, 2020
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Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity are back for their weekly radio appointment. This week’s conversation is focused on the presidential election that is just 20 days away. 

O’Reilly lays out where he sees the election just over two weeks out, “If there is a final debate next week—that is a crucial moment for Donald Trump. He has got to be very authoritative there, deal with his personal Covid experience and then turn around and say that Joe Biden is a real danger to the United States and this why—very specifically. 

The duo give insight into the New York Post report on that looks to be bad news for the Biden campaign. 

O’Reilly explains how the Trump campaign must frame this report on Biden in order to dial into the average American.

“You’ve got to frame that as, this is why this matters to you, the American voter. This is the big picture here. The guy is corrupt.”

Listen above for more from O’Reilly and Hannity on Biden and just what this means for the election. 

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