O'Reilly on Hannity: Coronavirus Bill Designed to Promote Socialism; Americans Being Conned by the Democratic Party
By: BOR StaffMarch 25, 2020
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The Senate continues working to approve a $2 trillion Coronavirus relief bill but the Democratic party is working to promote socialism through this bill—not just provide relief to the folks.

Bill O’Reilly breaks it down, “You want to deliver relief to the American public but you don’t want to destroy the economy going forward. You want to have a $2 trillion investment in the country, not a $2 trillion owed debt to socialism.”

The real issue here is that the folks aren’t going to get the full picture of this relief bill from the media. Folks have to know that they’re being conned and they’re not going to know it by watching and reading the national press.

“That’s what really disturbs me, that most people are going to be completely shut out form the socialist stuff that the Democratic party fervently wants to impose on the nation,” O’Reilly explains to Hannity.

So why is this happening? 

“Everyone knows including the Democratic party and the media—if Donald Trump can come through this pandemic and can alleviate the suffering—he’ll win. There is no way Biden beats him,” O’Reilly states.

Listen above for more on the conning of the folks and the tacked on socialism of the relief bill.

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