O'Reilly on Hannity: The COVID Shadow & Dems Attempting to Tear Down America
By: BOR StaffJuly 29, 2020
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With just 97 days until the election, Bill O’Reilly joins Sean Hannity for their weekly appointment on radio. While there is no point in attempting to predict the outcome of the election, it is worth noting the dangers of what could happen if the Democrats come to power.  

“This is the first time that I cannot even think to vote for a Democrat—the first time,” states O’Reilly. 

“The party has gone so extreme and want to destroy traditional America on every front. There isn’t one thing that the Democratic Party wants to keep intact—but aren’t we the most successful nation in the history of civilization? I believe we are, and you want to tear that all down?” 

Another main shift in this election compared to elections of the past is the COVID shadow.

“The COVID shadow is taking away from all of the other issues in the country because some people are so angry and so afraid of the virus and they’re too emotional—and not really thinking clearly.” 

Listen above for more of O’Reilly and Hannity’s take on the upcoming election.

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