O'Reilly on Hannity: The Lack of Credibility from the Whistleblower; Why Next Week's Impeachment Hearings Will Hurt Adam Schiff
By: BOR.com StaffNovember 7, 2019
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Bill O’Reilly joins Sean Hannity to give astute analysis on all thing’s impeachment, including why the so called ‘whistleblower’ is not a whistleblower at all—he is a guy who came in to do a specific task and that is exactly what he did. Also, a look at the first public impeachment hearing next week and why this hearing will destroy Adam Schiff and the last of his credibility. Plus, a special announcement: Sean Hannity will be introducing Bill O’Reilly on December 15th in Huntington, New York for O’Reilly’s Understanding Trump Tour. Get your tickets here: https://www.billoreilly.com/tour

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