O'Reilly on Hannity: Violence Around the Nation-At the Hands of Radicals
By: BOR StaffJuly 8, 2020
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The number one rule of government is to protect its citizens, and major American cities are now war zones—with the local and state governments basically telling people to fend for themselves. 

Bill O’Reilly joins Sean Hannity to discuss the madness and puts it simply saying, “these people are taking away the only protection that poor people have—and we are letting them do it.” 

In terms of the 2020 race, Hannity predicts a shift in momentum, in favor of Donald Trump, in the coming months. 

One thing is certain in this election, it is not Biden vs. Trump, it is Trump vs. Trump.

O’Reilly concludes with advice for the President, saying, he needs to protect traditional America from these radical loons and stop the small ball.

Listen above for more.

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