O'Reilly on Kavanaugh "Fighting for His Life"
By: Bill O'ReillySeptember 27, 2018
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O'Reilly on Kavanaugh

The latest to emerge from the very busy left wing propaganda machine is that Judge Brett Kavanugh is essentially seeking a job, and therefore his fate should depend on a perception of him rather than affording the man the fairness of due process.

Pretty slick. 

If you apply for a job, your hiring depends on a subjective evaluation by your employer - not any rules of law.  But there is a very different standard to confirming a Supreme Court Justice. 

It’s not the same as hiring a bus driver.

What’s at stake here is the attempted subversion of America’s political system based upon allegations.  However, we do know some things about the Kavanaugh case with certainty.

  • The Democratic Party was always adamantly opposed to Kavanaugh’s presence on the court and vowed to defeat him.
  • Senator Diane Feinstein held back the first accuser’s story for six weeks. By doing that, she avoided any serious vetting of the allegations before the Senate vote.  She could have confronted Kavanaugh early on but did not apparently for political reasons.
  • The first accuser, Christine Ford, hired one of the most radical left attorneys in the country, who is working free of charge.
  • The second accuser refuses to testify in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee, nor has she filed a criminal complaint.
  • The third accuser also hired an attorney who is heavily invested in harming the Trump administration.

There is no debate on the above, thus circumstantial evidence indicates a political component in the attacks against Judge Kavanaugh.

If this is the case, and reasonable folks know it is, then the American people are watching a subversion of our Constitution.  If unverified allegations can force a Supreme Court nominee to withdraw, than every other federal nominee to any position can be treated the same way.

Thus, vital appointments to our government will be dismissed and/or delayed based upon accusations that may be politically driven.

The result: chaos at the federal level.

It is apparent that Judge Kavanaugh is not only fighting for a job, but also for his life.  Should he withdraw, his reputation will be shattered forever.

Christine Ford was a polished witness, there is no doubt about that.  So, those who want to believe that Brett Kavanaugh assaulted her as a teenager will not be dissuaded.  

However, for those Americans who will base their decision on facts, there are some troubling aspects to Dr. Ford’s assertions.

  • She has identified by name three people who attended the party where the alleged assault took place.  All three of them, including Dr. Ford’s former best friend Leland Ingham Keyser, deny any wrongdoing happened.  Ms. Keyser’s lawyer issued a statement saying his client does not know Kavanaugh and was not at the party. 
  • Dr. Ford does not remember who drove her home after the alleged assault and no one has come forward to say they drove her.  Even at age 15, that’s a troubling memory loss.
  • Dr. Ford claims her therapist made a “mistake” writing notes documenting that she said four boys were in the assault room.  Under oath, the Doctor now says there were two boys present: Kavanaugh and Mark Judge.
  • Mark Judge signed his own sworn affidavit saying no assault happened.

In this time of mob activism, it would be foolish to decide a vital issue based on emotion.  The fair-minded American must evaluate facts and the personal testimony they have seen given by Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh.

All I can say with certainty is that the Judge would never be convicted in a court of law based upon how the facts line up right now.

And that’s an important thing to consider when there’s a man fighting for his life.