NSN Studio Preview: O'Reilly on North Korea, Manafort, & California Secession
By: Bill O'ReillyAugust 9, 2017
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Decked out in a very trendy suit and tie, Bill proudly revealed the No Spin News' brand new set, which he took out for its initial test drive Wednesday.  Depending on a few things, including your opinions, the prototype studio may be a regular look going forward. 

Turning to the news, Bill analyzed the tense war of words between Kim Jong Un of North Korea and President Trump.  "North Korea has been a pain in the butt for decades," he said, "but now they have nukes that they can put on missiles.  President Trump has threatened to respond with 'fire and fury like the world has never seen.'  Here's the key:  If anybody really thought that North Korea was going to launch a missile at any country, the stock market would have been down 1,000 points.  Kim Jong Un has nothing to do, he has a backwater country that is starving, and he is causing trouble like he always does."

Bill continued with an analysis of our own president:  "The left hates his 'fire and fury' comment, they think he's a madman who will get us into a war.  President Trump is not like President Obama or George W. Bush, he's more like Dick Cheney.  He sees the world in terms of good and evil and North Korea is evil.  He's not going to take any guff from North Korea, but he's not going to do anything unilaterally.  He's just saying that if Kim Jong Un attacks the USA or Guam, we'll incinerate his entire country." 

Here at home, it has been leaked that the FBI raided the home of former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort last month and carted off some material.  "I've always said," Bill declared, "that if anyone gets hammered on this Russian investigation, it will be Manafort.  We learned today that the FBI conducted an early-morning raid on July 26th, the day after he testified in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee.  If I had to bet, I'd say he's in some trouble." 

Bill then welcomed, via Skype, radio talker and CNN host Michael Smerconish, who opined on the North Korea situation.  "I am thinking that the volatility of the president benefits us," he theorized.  "It could be that Kim Jong Un takes a look at Donald Trump and says, this guy might do something.  That's the silver lining."  Bill agreed, saying, "President Trump is getting across that he is crazy enough to do something." 

Smerconish also evaluated the hysterical media reaction to news that the FBI raided Paul Manafort's home last month:  "He's entitled to the presumption of innocence, but that meeting at Trump Tower with Russians is troublesome.  I'm not in the 'there's collusion' camp, but the emails that preceded that meeting are problematic."  Bill reminded Smerconish that the meeting, which apparently led nowhere, was set up by "some sleazy British PR guy." 

Bill then asked Michael Smerconish about CNN, where he hosts a weekend program, and the other anti-Trump media outlets.  "I think there have been people who have been lying in wait for this president since before the inauguration," Smerconish conceded, "and some go after him and make it their livelihood to do so.  But if you are asking me whether CNN is attempting to undermine this president, I'll say no, I don't believe that.  I want to be supportive of the office of the presidency and be a good journalist at the same time."  Bill countered, "When I watch your network it is hour after hour of speculation with 17 'hate-Trumpers' and one person defending him."  Bill agreed to join Smerconish on his CNN program next month. 

There are some typically bizarre stories out of California.  First, there is a movement among some citizens to secede from the United States.  While that is not going to happen, there is a very real chance that California will enact a law making it a "sanctuary state."  "California is basically saying we don't want to have anything to do with the federal government," Bill groused, "and we don't care if illegal aliens commit crimes." 

On that note, Bill welcomed California-based syndicated columnist Ruben Navarrette, who provided the latest on the "sanctuary state" bill.  "This will pass the assembly," he predicted, "and the only question is whether Governor Brown will sign the bill.  He is scared, he doesn't want the Democratic Party to be tagged as soft on illegal immigration.  He's trying to have it both ways, like a lot of Democrats on immigration." 

Navarrette scoffed at his fellow Californians who want to depart the union.  "This is a lot less serious than the first issue, it not going to happen.  This is 100% anti-Trump and a symbolic gesture by the left."  Navarette then tried to explain how California went so far off the rails:  "It's because of the power of public sector unions that own and control the Democratic Party.  Also, Republicans have done crazy things on immigration that scared off Latinos and put us in the Democratic camp.  The public sector unions have bankrupted the state." 

Turning to other news, Bill reported that quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who notoriously refused to stand for the National Anthem, still hasn't signed with an NFL team.  "He's good enough to play," Bill opined, "but nobody wants to sign him because he would be a distraction.  Colin Kaepernick does not deserve to be blackballed, and I don't think he is being blackballed, but he would be a huge distraction and it's not worth it.  Somewhere down the line he might get back in the league." 

Premium Members then checked in with their questions and comments, which largely dealt with opioid addiction in the United States.  Some quarreled with Bill's "tough love" prescription for the crisis, others agreed wholeheartedly.  Also, some blamed the individual addict, others denounced the pharmaceutical companies.

Bill encouraged everyone to weigh in on the new studio and the new look, which may be a regular part of the No Spin News.  "If you like it," he concluded, "we want to hear about it, and if you don't like it, we want to hear about it.  This is essentially what we're going to try to do, but we want to hear your feedback."

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