O'Reilly on Reaction to Trump's U.N. Speech, North Korea, and Healthcare Overhaul
By: Bill O'ReillySeptember 20, 2017
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Hey BillOReilly.com Premium Members, welcome to the No Spin News, it is Wednesday, September 20th, 2017.

Tomorrow I head down to Baltimore to do a show with Dennis Miller at the Royal Farms arena. So if you're in the Mid-Atlantic area, c'mon, there are tickets available for that show. We're going to have a great time.

I’ll still do the podcast, you will still see me in another snappy sports shirt.

I had a letter, how many sports shirts do you have, O'Reilly?

Many! Because I'm the kind of guy that keeps them. You know, I don't throw stuff out. I'm not a hoarder but, you know, I got a lot.

Anyway. We will have Dennis Miller on tomorrow.

And we'll see everybody in Tampa on Saturday night, if you're in Florida and you want a few laughs. We have two very special occurrences in Baltimore and in Tampa that's going to happen during the show. So don't miss it.

All right let's take Trump's speech.

As I predicted yesterday, and it doesn't take a genius to predict this. Not bragging. The anti-Trump people didn't like the speech.

But, reasonable observers said he did a pretty good job. I think that's the breakdown. So, Newsday is my newspaper here on Long Island, their headline in the editorial is: Trump's Divisive View of the World.

So, if you're confrontational, you're divisive. If you're strong you're, divisive, you're dividing, you're not sensitive. So, here's Newsday. I'll read you a couple of paragraphs:

Even looking through the prism of other incendiary speeches delivered by other world leaders at the United Nations, it was remarkable to hear an American president address the General Assembly yesterday and threatened to totally destroy another nation.

That would be of course North Korea.

While there is nothing wrong with wanting to project toughness trying to out-bully a bully is risky business. But we simply don't understand enough about the state of play to know whether Trump's threat was unwise.

So, Newsday doesn't understand.

We don't know what actions are planned under way already taken in the military or cyber arenas. We do know that one real danger is that after it perfects its nuclear missile technology impoverished North Korea might try to sell it to other rogue states or independent actors. That is truly scary.

Ok, so, wwhy is being a tough guy against that divisive?

If you, Newsday, a liberal newspaper, understand the danger, what do you want to do?

All right they had no solutions, and they supported Barack Obama. The newspaper did for two terms. And what Barack Obama do?

Zero - zero - that's what he did.

OK, here's the Wall Street Journal, which is a conservative editorial page. Here is what they said.

The president abandoned any nuance, even by his standards, in and dousing the rogue regimes in North Korea and Iran. He was especially unabashed in describing North Korea's offenses, calling it a depraved regime.

Like Ronald Reagan - remember Ronald Reagan with Russia? All right. The axis of evil and all that. That was President Bush, and Reagan pinning down the evil of Russia. Remember all that stuff? OK.

These aren't words typically heard at Turtle Bay - Turtle Bay's where the U.N. building is - while others among the depraved sit on the Human Rights Council, as Mr. Trump also had the effrontery to point out. OK.

And the Wall Street Journal goes on to say, the threat to destroy the North offended the Foreign Affairs cognoscenti - Word of the Day! Cognoscenti - who view Mr. Trump as a barbarian. And at first hearing the "Rocket Man" reference to dictator Kim Jong un does sound like an insult better left to teenagers in the schoolyard.

Then again, Mr. Trump inherited the North Korean nuclear crisis and is trying to get a cynical world's attention that he intends to do something about it.

Right. OK. That's what Ambassador Hayley said. You know he's trying to get people mobilized here, "Rocket Man.”

I'm going to write a column on Rocket Man, Elton John and how it all plays in. I'll let you know where that goes. OK.

So as I predicted, on the left wing media, which is primarily CNN and MSNBC on television - the nightly news is left wing too, so the morning shows, but they don't get into the hyperbole that deeply.

The nightly news just basically a headline service there at the hurricane. And that's what they do, and the morning shows just entertainment mostly, they don't know, really, what's going on.

All right. So here is cable news. Last night, CNN MSNBC against the Trump speech. Roll it.


Col. Lawrence Wilkerson on MSNBC: My first reaction was that he read it from a teleprompter. That means at least  H.R. McMaster and probably [Sec. of Defense] Jim Mattis and John Kelly got a look at that speech and I’m deeply saddened and embarrassed by that fact. 


JIM SCIUTTO on CNN: This idea of sovereignty, that's a loaded term. This is a favorite expression of authoritarian leaders from China to Russia to African dictatorships.


TREVOR NOAH: I don't know what's more insane, the fact that Donald Trump just stood in front of the United Nations and threatened to wipe out a country of 25 million people, or the fact that he followed that up with 'Rocket man.' Like, you're going to follow it up with a little catch phrase joke?  


Terry Moran on ABC: The words 'totally destroying' a nation of 25 million people, that borders on the threat of committing a war crime

(End Montage)

Now that last statement was made by an ABC News reporter, Terry Moran. Terry thinks that the president is close to committing a war crime.

You know, I don't know what to say anymore, ladies and gentlemen, I really don't.

My view on this is that Kim Jong Un needs to know if he attacks the United States or one of our allies that it will be war against his regime.

Needs to know that, right?

That's the message that Donald Trump gave to the world. So now everybody knows.

Hillary Clinton, ooh she did not like that.

And she and her best friend Colbert talked about it last night.

Now in response today, President Trump tweeted, "After allowing North Korea to research and build nukes while secretary of state crooked Hillary now criticizes.

You know, if you could just get Trump and Clinton - Hillary Clinton - to dance together on Dancing With Stars. Can you imagine the ratings?

Can you imagine? That might happen! It could happen. OK. So Hillary Clinton she didn't have anything to do with North Korea building nukes. President Obama, eight years, didn't stop it, didn't really consider it, told China that he hopes that they would try to stop it - China said sure, did nothing.

And President Obama didn't do anything. That's why we got rockets now flying over Japan that could deliver nukes.

So eight years, nothing done. Now for the left, for you few people who you know, think that President Obama did a great job in foreign policy. You know, nothing - nothing was accomplished, at all.

So now the new president is faced with rockets going off every two weeks. And one of the rockets is going to hit somebody, but he shouldn't tell anybody or threaten. Oh no.

Oh no no no.

Yoko Ono in the Give Peace a Chance. Oh.

Oh it's a war crime, it's a war monger. Oh

If you look back in history, Neville Chamberlain, the British Prime Minister meeting with Hitler in Munich, signing the pact non-aggression, you're not going to do anything, right, dear furor?

Oh no no no no no no no no no. OK. So we'll all be friends right?

We'll give you Czechoslovakia, Austria. You already took them.

But we're not going to bother.

Oh, you invaded the Rhineland, and you violated ... don't worry about it.

Cause now going forward, nothing going to happen.

History - nobody knows about it.

And that was it.

You know in fact the worst thing that President Obama did to North Korea and Kim was to allow Dennis Rodman to go there.

That with the most aggressive action that was taken in eight years.

OK. I think we all know that this is insane.

New poll by Politico. Left leaning Internet organization says that Donald Trump's job approval rating is up to forty three percent.

51 percent don't think he's doing a good job.

That's a five point better increase from a month ago among independents, and he has come up among Republicans as well. So it's an eight point deficit. And if he ever gets the tax cut passed, and now we're talking about in a minute the health care thing, he will go from 43 to 53.

And this is what the left fears, because all the demonization, all the marginalization, all the attacks on Donald Trump - folks are tuning out. People who don't like him, they're never going to like him, no matter what he does. Right?

But the constant this, that, and the other thing. And I'm following the story, I'm not ready to analyze it, because I don't know enough about it.

I mean, you know me I'm very hesitant to speculate again.

But this Paul Manafort, as I told you, this is the guy that Mueller is really investigating in the Russian deal right now. They tapped him, they tapped Manafort, OK. They being the Obama administration the, FBI, the Justice Department under President Obama.

So they were tapping him, and he was, at the time, working with Donald Trump, trying to get Trump elected. So he had surveillance on him. Not exactly sure why but you've got to assume his cell phone was tapped and he's talking to Trump. And where does Manafort live?

Trump Tower.

And what did President Trump say? Hey, they tapped me in the Trump Tower. And now CNN reports that his possible conversations between Donald Trump and Paul Manafort that were captured on a wire, on a wiretap.

That could have been in Trump Tower, and that's what Trump said.

But I'm not ready to put that in stone. I'm just saying, isn't this interesting?

That when Donald Trump told the world a world, Obama tapped me in my building, oh! No evidence of it.


Possible. Absolutely possible.

OK health care bill update. I'm begging you, now, Senator Lindsey Graham, I'm begging you, please stop saying "at the end of the day," please, please.

You can say "bottom line," you can say "when we're finished," "the result might be," - begging you.

OK. So now next week the Senate will vote again on repealing and dumping Obamacare. They have to vote next week, and the new bill as we explained yesterday, is basically letting the states decide their health insurance needs. So the federal government gives huge block grants to each state. The state runs their own health insurance programs in Mississippi, and North Dakota, in Oregon, in Maine.

OK. They handle it - I kind of like that.

I think that there has to be competition among health care insurance companies. I think that has to be in the federal bill.

But I think that would be a better way to do this. There have to be some safeguards, you can't kick people off when they get sick. If you have a preexisting condition that's not life threatening you got to get the same rates.

Fed's got to regulate, but let the states do it. Give the states the money and you knock out the individual mandate. You're not going to force anybody, which is unconstitutional, to buy health insurance, and you're not going to force employers to buy into a government program.

Now, if the states want to force you if you're an employer then they do it, see? OK.

So now, I predicted this bill will pass in the Senate and the House will definitely do it. So you would get repeal of Obamacare, and the states would take it over. That's conceivable, that could happen next week.

It all hinges on two or three individuals. All right. It hinges on Lisa Murkowski in Alaska, the Republican senator up there. She's got to vote yes. And John McCain. Now we see McCain is Lindsey Graham's best friend.

He'll vote for it.

So it really comes out of Murkowski, because Collins in Maine who, he said is really not a Republican but a very liberal Democrat. And Rand Paul of Kentucky, is Rand Paul.

They won't, no matter what you give them, they won't.

But if Murkowski comes over and McCain comes over they get 50 and they win. It gets passed, and that's where it is. OK.

Let's go to colleges.

I went to three colleges, Marist College for four years, got a degree in history. Boston University got a master's degree in broadcast journalism, and Harvard's Kennedy School of Government and another master's degree in Public Administration. I went there when I was a in my early 40s, and I did that because I knew I wanted to be a political commentator, so I wanted to go to the Kennedy School of Government, which at that time, the best government school in the world. Now, I don't know, it's really drifted left. But anyway, when I was there, I got a great education and I got a master's degree from Harvard so I can go around and tell everybody!

OK when I was at Marist, there was the anti-Vietnam era, but Marist wasn't crazy. Boston U in '73, '74. A little crazy but not too bad. The president, John Silber, kept things under control. However we didn't have much craziness at the Kennedy School at all. Now it's insane. All right.

So a poll among college students. All right, this was taken by a professor at UCLA for the Brookings Institution, very hoity-toity.

Right so, 19 percent of college students believe it's acceptable to use violence to disrupt the speaker who is saying offensive and hurtful things in their opinion.

Now, that could be me, in this podcast! In this podcast, I said Yoko Ono and give peace a chance -- oh, no, you can't!

OK. So then somebody could break in with a hand grenade and blow me up. According to 19 percent of college students, you can use violence to disrupt them.

This is just - it's amazing. It really is amazing.

Women are more likely to believe than men that hate speech is not constitutionally protected. OK, so 39 percent of college students, only 39 believe that hate speech is protected by the Constitution. 44 percent say it is.

And more women than men.

Now of course, the Constitution protects hate speech, unless you're threatening a person specifically with it.

They can't go down the street yelling in somebody's ear, the N-word. You can get arrested for that, but if you are making a general statement that's obnoxious, a Nazi statement, a communist statement, whatever. And a forum that is not directed at an individual, you're protected.

44 percent of American college students don't know that.

Why? Because they don't know anything.

They come out of high school. All they care about is getting a high SAT score or whatever score. Now they change it, that is all they care about, these kids.

Test test test test test - do I know anything about my country? No I don't know anything, but I got a good test score!

This is what we - we are training automatons now.

It's just crazy. OK.

Now this, I love this. San Diego State University. I don't know the school. I love San Diego. Best climate in the United States. Want the best climate? San Diego. All right. Good town!

Fun, lot of stuff to do. I feel sorry for the sports teams, but you can't have everything. All right. OK.

So at San Diego State University, there's a professor named Dae Eliot and she teaches sociology - right away you are in trouble. You're taking a sociology course at any University. You're in trouble. Sociology! OK.

So Miss Elliott is offering members of her class, students, extra credit if they take a "white privilege quiz," if you just take the quiz.

You get extra credit in a sociology class.

OK the quiz, I have it here.

The quiz, I can't read it all, there are 20 questions, but I'll give you a taste of it.

Question number one, I can choose blemish cover or bandages in "flesh color," and have them more or less match my skin.

Yes or no.

Yeah, if you're white. That would be yes. But so what?

You have white privilege because you have a flesh colored Band-Aid?

I'm not making this up. You think I am but I'm not. OK.

I can be late to a meeting without having the lateness reflect on my race.

I don't care who you are, if you're late to a meeting with me and you don't call ahead of time or text ahead of time and have a valid excuse, you're not in the meeting!

I don't care if you're orange or you're pink or you're whatever, fuchsia, you're out here!

So stupid.

I am not made acutely aware that my shape, bearing, or body odor will be taken as a reflection on my race.

And I'm going to direct this directly to Miss Elliott.

Miss Elliott, if anybody has bad body odor, no matter what color they are, people will not like it. People will move away, no matter if they're white or if they're black.

Sociology. San Diego State University.

I can enroll in a class in college and be sure that the majority of my professors will be of my race.

Yeah, you might. That might be true because blacks are 13 percent of the population in the United States and Hispanics are 14 percent. So the odds are that the professor might be white, because that's the majority culture in this country. If we were in Botswana, a beautiful country in Africa, then it would be the reverse.

I would love to sit in on Professor Dae Elliott's sociology course, maybe I will go to San Diego and ask that she give me permission to sit in - and I would have many, many questions for this.

But this is the kind of unbelievable garbage that American college students are confronted with.

What else do I have?

Mail, I have mail. Now I have to find the mail, I had it and I have to find it.

I'm usually pretty organized. Yes I have it. I have the mail.

And we really appreciate everybody writing in.

It's Bill@BillOReilly.com, or you can post on the message boards for everybody to see, because you are a Premium Member, you get that.

And then if you follow me on the tweet it's @BillOReilly, about 2.3 million tweet followers.

We want to get up to 5 million, will do it, I think.

Tweets are fun.

One of our very loyal viewers, Francesco in Huntington New York, says, Mr. O, speech at the U.N. was a kind that should be given by the leader of the world's superpower. Straight to the point strong no apologies and something that left nothing to the imagination when it came to Mr. Rocket Man's future, or lack thereof, in case he persists to play around with fire. What a breath of fresh air and a welcome change when compared to the nonsense that 44 dished out on a regular basis.

44 being of course Barack Obama.

Mark in Bay Village Ohio.

Dallas wishes to consider eracing Franklin, Jefferson, Washington from the public arena. Does that mean they will likewise also eliminate Sam Houston from their public places including renaming the city of Houston? Sam Houston was a slave owner.

I did not know that. Thank you for telling me that, Mark. So,that's right. If the authorities remove Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, and Madison from the school names what happens to Houston? What do we do with that? What do we re-name Houston?

WHow about Puff Daddy.

So you getting, everything and I don't want to go over this again and bore you, but killing England speaks right to this.

Speaks right to the Far Left Loon brigades that are trying to wipe out and obliterate our history. But thank you for that information.

Angela, Madison, Mississippi.

Bill I thought you did a fantastic interview with Matt Lauer on The Today Show. I have zero interest in watching Today so I'm thankful you posted the interview on your website and Facebook. I'm proud of you and how you handle and advanced the past six months.

Thank you Angela. And you know that means a lot. And if you didn't see my interview with Lauer, I think everybody should watch it.

Interesting interview, tone, responses, questions.

Make up your own mind about it, it's on BillOReilly.com as Angelo pointed out.

Brian, Missoula, Montana.

Missoula one of the few liberal towns in Montana, because the University is there.

Bill, I have been a Premium Member for a couple of months and would like to thank you for explaining issues and events in a concise straightforward manner without hyperbole mumbo-jumbo and bias that appears to be the new norm in network broadcasting.

On the podcast you said that you think health care proposal by the Republicans would let the individual states determine coverage.

Do you believe the bill will exclude coverage minimums?

So do you think the states will determine what they cover and what they will provide?

I think there should be guidelines by the federal government, but I think the states should do it. I really do.

And unfortunately, if your state doesn't do it the way you like, you might have to move, or vote the politicians out and get a better view. But I think it's a much better deal with the states handling.

Donald, Nottingham Maryland.

Bill, looking forward to seeing you and Miller in Baltimore this coming Friday evening. Great job anticipating Lauer's questions and how you took control of the interview. I love the podcast.

Well look, Don I'm glad you're coming to see Miller and me at the Royal Farms arena. We have a special presentation there that you're going to love, and show's going to be funny, I hope.

And we'll see everybody in the mid-Atlantic.

Nancy, Wellington Florida.

Your podcast eloquently showcases your passion for this country history and truth. It's great to see you fired up and fighting back. I'm almost finished Killing England, and it's knocking it out of the park. I've read biographies of Washington, Jefferson, and Franklin - I appreciate the talent you have to crash a succinct book that is factual but captures the imagination and draws these men into real life.

Now, that is what we did, that is what we did, and the book is really taking off. And we appreciate everybody who is reading it.

Luis, San Jose Costa Rica. I have been to your town, Luis. I've been to your town. Been to Costa Rica a very beautiful country.

Luis says, I've just finished reading Killing the Rising Sun, I want to thank you for a great job of giving me a good perspective about what really happened in World War II. I'm a 60-year-old Costa Rican entrepreneur deeply concerned with understanding history to properly address the future.

Excellent, Luis. If you don't know history, you're going to get conned, just like what's happening in the USA now with the statue business. All right. If you know history, you'll be much much happier and more successful in this life, so I'm glad you're watching us down there in Costa Rica.

Christine, Toms River, New Jersey.

I'm a Premium Member, love the podcast. I love the Killing books as well and received my signed copy of Killing England today. Can't put it down.

I'm glad you reminded me, signed copies of the books are available, not too early to think about Christmas. You know I'll get them to you early. You'll like the book. Great gift and all that.

Linda, Fresno, California.

Please wish my parents Peter & Andrea Pierre of Oakhurst, California a happy 75 wedding anniversary on your program.

I will! Happy anniversary, you guys.

So you figured 75 years, got to be around in the mid 90s right?

Wow, imagine being together that long, 75 years. Really, it's really an achievement - really is, really something to be proud of.

Chelsea in Park City, Utah.

I recently finished Old School: Life in the Sane Lane. Loved it, ordered Legends & lies: the Civil War and came across Killing England this morning in a grocery store. Naturally, I bought Killing England.

Killing England is in a grocery store? Maybe that was Costco. Costco is one of our big suppliers, but if it was in a regular grocery store, what the frozen food section? Where was it?

Anyway I'm glad you found it, Chelsea, and thank you! Thank you very much.

Neal, Fort Myers, Florida.

Are you and Miller are going to continue doing shows next year?

I think so but I'm not sure. You know, we have to see. We got two more shows after this weekend. Baltimore and Tampa, then we're going to go to Vegas and Anaheim in December.

And then you know, I should decide by November what I am going to do next year. Depends how busy I am and all that. I love coming out to different places.

Sylvia, Boise, Idaho.

Thank you for your honest podcast. I tune in every night to get the real news. I'm always spreading the word that you are the real deal when it comes to the facts. I have tickets to see you and Miller in Las Vegas, can't wait.

All right, Sylvia!

Spreading the word is important. We have hundreds of thousands that sample us here but we want to get up to millions and it's up to you to tell everybody it's here. BillOReilly.com, and I want to really thank you guys.

This week is a very busy week for me. And there a lot, always a lot of attacks on us, always will be, just the way it is. Life in the fast lane.

But you guys are really loyal and I appreciate it, and I hope you're enjoying the podcast. I'm trying as hard as I can. We will be in the studio coming up. We've had to get the right studio and the right situation, takes a little time, but it's coming - and it's going to be good.

Word of the day we've had a lot of, "can you bring back the word of the day?" and I'm going to do it.

Do not be a poltroon when we're writing to BillOReilly.com.

We'll see you tomorrow.

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