O'Reilly on The Blaze: Dems trying to Paralyze Trump Admin, GOP Can't Get it Together
By: BOR.com StaffJuly 14, 2017

This being Friday, Bill checked in again with Glenn Beck on The Blaze Radio.  They began with the media's obsessive coverage of the Trump-Russia story.

"I walked by the TV while CNN was on," Bill related, "and the anchor was breathlessly telling the audience that she has video of Donald Trump meeting with the Russians.  You know what it was?  It was a meeting in 2013 when he met with some Russians about the Miss Universe pageant!  It had nothing to do with Trump and the 'collusion' accusation."  Beck cited the video as evidence that Vladimir Putin, even back then, was shrewdly keeping an eye on Trump as a prospective presidential candidate.

Bill provided another example of the media's desperation to taint the Trump team with Russia allegations:  "Just moments ago TV anchors were screaming that Donald Trump Jr. had met with a former Russian intelligence at that meeting in Trump Tower.  But it turns out that the guy is an American citizen and is a lobbyist for Russia.  It's hysteria now!  There may be a good story eventually, but it has not surfaced yet and the coverage is as blatantly dishonest as any I have seen."

Continuing with media corruption, Bill differentiated between print reporters and TV news programs:  "The hate-Trump newspapers are flat-out trying to create a system that will impeach Trump, they are working toward that goal in any way they can.  But the cable networks are basically hysterical.  You listen to them and you ask, 'What in the hell are they talking about?'"

Beck, implying a conspiracy was at work, suggested that the Trump family was entrapped by Russia. 

"I could lay it out and make a very strong case," he said, "but instead of doing that, why don't we listen to people who are in pain.  And why aren't we pressuring Congress to pass a damned tax cut while the media is in a feeding frenzy?" 

Bill criticized both parties, saying, "The Democratic Party is trying to paralyze the Trump administration and the Republican Party basically can't get it together." 

The duo strongly disagreed about the Republican health care proposal and whether GOP Senators should vote in favor.  Beck slammed the legislation as "ObamaCare light" and wants it defeated, while Bill argued that Republicans should vote for the bill because it is an improvement on the Affordable Care Act. 

"If it includes the provision that all insurance companies can compete nationwide," Bill said, "that will drive premiums down.  People listening today should call their Senators and say you have to give us health care and you have to give us tax relief." 

Turning to the ongoing life and death saga out of England, Bill and Beck scrutinized the painful story of Charlie Gard, the 11-month-old infant with a terminal illness. 

He has been offered experimental treatment in the USA, but British medical authorities say Charlie should be put out of his misery and allowed to die.

"I don't understand," Bill said, "why the British government doesn't just hand the baby over to the Vatican and let the child be treated.  Charlie's parents have signed off on the idea and this could be done with a private jet using private money.  This is why you don't want the government telling you what you can and can't have." 

Beck declared, "If I lived in a country that was doing this to my son, I would renounce my citizenship." 

Bill concluded, "This is about euthanasia and abortion on demand and the left doesn't even want those things questioned anymore."

On a far, far more frivolous subject, the duo tackled a sartorial matter, complaining about President Trump's penchant for wearing ridiculously long neckties.  "I have told him," Bill revealed, "that the tie has to hit the middle of the belt and I warned him that he will trip on it.  The Secret Service should be tying his tie, but he likes that look." 

Beck and Bill will be back next week to hash out just about everything, including those all-important questions of proper attire.

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