O'Reilly on Wiretapping Trump, Jimmy Kimmel, & the Border Wall; Interviews with Sharyl Attkisson and Dennis Miller
By: Bill O'ReillySeptember 21, 2017
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Hey BillOReilly.com Premium Members, welcome to the No Spin News for Thursday, September 21st, 2017. Rosh Hashanah for all our Jewish viewers and we wish you a very happy one and have a great time. 

Big, big news day today. All right. And there's a lot of stories that we're going to lay out for you that don't have a resolution at this point but may quickly and they're big. 

First one is remember back last March when Donald Trump tweeted on March 4th: "Terrible. Just found out that Obama had my wires tapped in Trump tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism." Then a few days later: "how low is President Obama gone to tap my phones during the very sacred election processes. This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad or sick guy." All right. Everybody remembers that. 

So the press jumped on Trump. No proof and this and that. Well now, it looks like Paul Manafort was tapped, wired by the FBI for a considerable period of time during the election process and then after President Trump won. 

Now, Manafort lived in the Trump Tower. So that's the reference here. OK. And the former director of national security, James Clapper, said on television last night he didn't know about this but it's conceivable that President Trump and others in the campaign were picked up on the wire because it was on Manafort.

This is a big, big story and bigger than what it initially appears to be because there are charges that all throughout the Obama administration that wiretapping was going on, perhaps illegally. And there are lawsuits in play about it. Media doesn't cover it. 

But one of them is by our pal Sharyl Attkisson from Sinclair Broadcasting, who wrote the book Smear, which everybody should read if you really want to know the truth about the press in this country and what's happening, what the far left is doing. Smear is the name of the book and I've mentioned it before. 

But anyway, Sharyl has sued the federal government because her computer was hacked while she was a CBS News correspondent. And so we're going to talk to her in a moment. 

Now, the importance of the story, and it ties right into Samantha Power, the former U.N. ambassador who now we learn unmasked more than 200 people, 260 to be exact, as a member of the national security team under President Obama. 

Now, she was the U.N. Ambassador, what does she have to do unmasking people? Unmasking means that they were picked up on a foreign wiretap and they're kept secret because the FISA warrant only allows for the party that is under surveillance to be heard, not who he or she is talking to. But you can unmask them if you have a reason and Samantha Power apparently did it 260 times. 

So what this is all shaping up to look like is that under President Obama there was a massive amount of surveillance going on, some of it may be illegal, and that Donald Trump may be absolutely right when he said in March, "hey, they tapped me," because he was obviously talking to Paul Manafort in my building because Manafort lived there. 

Now, I'm not going to jump to any in stone conclusions as many people do. I don't do that. I'm putting forth to you the evidence as clearly as I can. But now I want to bring in Sharyl Attkisson, again the author of the books Smear, who is in the middle of a lawsuit against the federal government.

((Interview with Sharyl Attkisson)) 

OK, so just a footnote to this. Again, Samantha Power, a former U.N. ambassador under President Obama, is now being scrutinized for unmasking two hundred and sixty people. We're going to follow that story as well. And you know, the Trump administration has got to get on this. And you know, look, it looks to me, and I'm not convicting anybody, you're innocent until proven guilty, it looks to me there was a lot of bad things happening here. 

All right, in the Iranian nuke deal, President Trump says he has made a decision whether to uphold the treaty or not, but he's not going to tell you now. He's not going to tell me now. I've decided I'll let you know what the decision is. I can't really call this, if he backs out of the Iranian nuke deal all hell's going to break loose all over the world and in Congress. 

So does he want that? I don't know. Is he going to call for more stringent enforcement? More likely. More likely. 

Border wall. California, biggest state in the union, most electoral votes, most populated. Not the biggest state area wise but more people live there than any other state. They have set themselves up under Governor Jerry Brown as an alternative government. That's what's happened.

So the state of California is basically saying we're not going to obey the federal government in Washington, we're not going to obey. So they passed a sanctuary state law and now they're suing the attorney general, Xavier Becerra, who is Brown's right hand guy, is suing the federal government to stop the border wall saying that it violates environmental regulations. So this is a con. They don't want, they being Sacramento and Governor Brown, the border wall even though it's worked fantastically in the San Diego sector down in San Isidro, if you've been down in that area, once they put that wall up they stopped a lot of drug smuggling and people smuggling. And it's documented. 

Now out in Imperial County in the deserts of California, it's a different story, they don't have a wall there. And that's where a lot of people come through. 

But the state basically wants open borders. The state of California wants open borders. Don't ask me why. I really don't know. It's you know, it's almost inconceivable the cost to the state of California and everybody in America of this unfettered immigration. But the environmental thing in the lawsuit is a con and I believe that the courts will eventually see it that way but I could be wrong. 

A guy named Larry O'Connor writes from Mediaite, which is a fairly left-wing web site, but he's a conservative guy, and he says that late night TV has become unwatchable to him and many others because it's not funny and it's all political. Now, there is this kind of nasty stuff going on between Jimmy Kimmel and our friend Brian Kilmeade on Fox News. Kilmeade criticized Kimmel for his stand on Obamacare.

Now, I know Kimmel and I like Kimmel and I feel terrible for Kimmel's baby who has had to undergo some heart surgery and has more to come. And Kimmel's point of view is that look, I can pay for this and he's covered but other people can't, so we need this kind of healthcare so the poor people with babies who are ill can get the babies treated. That's not a crazy loony point of view from Jimmy Kimmel. 

Anyway, gently, Kilmeade, I thought gently, gave him a little jab, and then Kimmel last night on his show laid out Kilmeade. Be that as it may, it just demonstrates that late night TV is no longer what it was under Johnny Carson, where people in America watched that show. A lot of us did because we wanted a little, you know, relaxation and laughs before we retired. OK. So let's bring in Dennis Miller, who knows about the late night landscape.

((Interview with Dennis Miller)) 

OK, we wrap it up now with Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys. I'm going to paraphrase what he said. I was going to use a sound bite but I want to get to the mail. 

Jones basically told his players you better not protest during the national anthem. It's not the place to do it. Don't do it. 

And no Dallas Cowboys are doing it. Period. End of story. It's getting out of control in the NFL. Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, comes in and says, no, not on my time, don't do it. And the players aren't doing it. OK. 

Carolyn is in Mountain Lakes, New Jersey. 

"Bill, your response to Trump's speech was spot on. It frustrates me the liberal media sees Trump as such a threat but gave President Obama a pass for complete inaction." 

You know, that's the hypocrisy. I have a column on that today. It's in the Message of the Day slot. I wrote it for The Hill. You'll get, I just lay it out. Carolyn, I think you'll like the column. 

Roberta Curtis. Leland, North Carolina.

"Will Trump attack North Korea if they continue their test but don't actually attack any country?" 

I do not believe so. I do not believe so. I think that Kim Jong Un, if he kills somebody, all right, if one of his rockets goes in and kills people, then you'll see military action. But they'll try to strangle him. Executive order signed today by President Trump says anybody doing business with North Korea, you're not allowed to do business with the USA. Ok, that's pretty strong. 

Robert O'Hara. Hampton, New Hampshire.

"If they rename Houston then what will they do with the city of Washington and Mount Washington in my home state? Stop the madness."

You bet. Read Killing England. Arm yourself with the facts about Washington, Franklin, Jefferson. Go to your local school boards if they misbehave and call your people and say enough of this nonsense. And that's what it is. 

Nancy Tippet. Grants Pass, Oregon. Nice town. 

"Bill, love the podcast and books. I'm curious to know how you respond to the PC folks who feel that Washington, Jefferson, and the founding fathers should be discredited on the slavery issue. Many in fact did own slaves. It was wrong but that's what life was in colonial America."

My take on all the historical figures is you've got to know about their whole life in totality. OK. And then you, Nancy, and everybody else can make a judgment on whether you respect these men. Surely the Constitution of this country, the freedoms we have, stem from a handful of men. And they weren't perfect. So I want you guys to know the facts. 

Sharyl Hornbacher. 

"Bill, with monuments of noble people being taken down, are the leftists going to blow up Mt. Rushmore?" 

They would if they could, Sharyl. They would if they could. These are radical people. They don't like this country. 

Jane Cabes. Houston, Texas.

"As an alumni of San Diego State University I'm horrified the university would allow a professor to ask white privilege questions. Since joining the podcast, I've purchased the Smear, (we talked about that with Sharyl Attkisson) and follow the college fix on Twitter. Parents need to start thinking twice about where they're going to send their kids to college." 

Absolutely. Absolutely. University of Missouri is the best example. That radicle campus, the admissions dropped way down. I think parents are wise enough. 

The SHK in Tucson, Arizona.

"White privilege quiz was fun. When are they going to notice that bridal dresses are traditionally white and call that racist?"

Probably next week you'll hear it on MSNBC. 

Vicki McKee. Dayton, Ohio. 

"My local Kroger grocery store has a magazine book section and your books, Bill, are always in their selection. So you see, you're in more places than you thought." 

Kroger. I didn't know. Who knew? You know. Thank you. Thank you. 

Christine McAllister.

"Just stopped at Costco to pick up Killing England. The checker said good choice. The bagger said this book is flying off the shelf."

We love Costco. They're one of our biggest vendors. 

First day Killing England was released it sold about 70 thousand copies. That's not too bad. Thank you. And if you all like it then you've got to tell everybody. 

Julie Pupillo. 

"I recently retired from the state of Kansas. Looking forward to Saturday, September 23rd, attending the Spin Stops Here show in Tampa. This will complete an object on my bucket list. Do you take questions from the audience?" 

We do. The back half of the show people ask Miller and I questions. It is a riot. 

Bob, Kansas City... 

Oh, by the way, Tampa, Amalie Arena, Saturday Night, a few tickets remain. We'll switch you right over there if you want to see us. 

"Great broadcast, O'Reilly. I've literally not turned on the TV in a few months except for the occasional Law & Order. What I want to see or hear is available on the net." 

OK. Well we're in the cutting edge of that. 

And finally, Charles, Colorado Springs. 

"Just joined as a Premium Member last night. I feel alive again after watching the podcast. It seems we live in a time where 'you can't make this stuff up' is the new normal." 

You know, it is. And we're going to fight the good fight. 

And the Word of the Day is don't be a jejune when writing to The Factor. Don't be jejune, not a, don't be jejune, ok. 

We will update everything, there's a lot of stuff going on as Miller and I go to Baltimore and Tampa this weekend. 

And don't forget the kids books, The Day the World Went Nuclear, The Day the President Was Shot, Give Please a Chance for little kids. School has started. You know, they like it. Now they're involved. Get them something fun to read. 

And we really appreciate you being Premium Members. We'll talk to you again soon.

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