O'Reilly on a New Politico Poll on Dreamers and DACA
By: Bill O'ReillySeptember 6, 2017

A couple of polls that are very interesting. The first on the dreamers. As you know, President Obama's executive order to quasi-legalize 800,000 foreign nationals who came here with their parents. They were under the age of 16, their parents brought them in. And they got working papers and they got to stay. 

Clearly unconstitutional. Everybody agrees that it is. And that's why it should be codified by the Congress. Vote on it.

And here's what the American people would like to see. This is a politico poll. Politico is a very left wing, committed left wing. But I got to give it to you. 

So among registered voters, the dreamers should be allowed to stay, become citizens if they meet certain requirements, 58 percent say yes. 18 percent say not citizens but they should stay. 15 percent say, "out of here."  

That sounds a little low. I'd put it at about 20 percent "out of here." But I think the majority of people want to give these foreign nationals a shot. It's not their fault that their parents dragged them here illegally. 


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